11 Pictures Of Corgis That Prove They're Literally Cooler Than All Of Us

Attention all corgi lovers: You have come to the right place. If you believe corgis are truly the cutest dogs ever, you're certainly not alone. From their sweet smiles to their little legs and wagging tails — corgis are the most adorable little pups you ever did see. It's no wonder these dogs are the choice of the Queen herself. They should be royalty, because they are cute AF and just happy to embrace the world on the regular. Even if you don't have one of your own, just looking at pictures of corgis proves that they're literally cooler than all of us. We can sure take some pointers from them on how to live life to its fullest.

My dream is to one day have a corgi as my four-legged best friend. We can make it a tradition to hit up the annual corgi beach day, and meet all of the other doggos who are just so happy to be playing among friends. We can take longs walks — or short ones, because you know, their legs — and we'll end every day cuddling on the couch watching a movie. That truly is the dream.

Corgis are the sweetest, and you can totally tell from these 11 photos. If you weren't a hardcore corgi lover before, it will be difficult not to be one by the end.

This Pooch Is Ready For Her Close-Up
Amy Covington/Stocksy

This corgi is a romantic who looks like she favors long walks and runs on the beach. Plus, this doggy is totally a model. She has perfected the classic beach pose, and undoubtedly has a ton of Instagram followers.

Watch Out Corgi, There's A Shark On Your Head
Caleb Thal/Stocksy

Oh no, it's another Jaws movie all over again. Just kidding. This corgi has a great sense of humor rocking this shark costume. You know this doggy is a hit at Halloween getting in the monster mash mojo of dressing up. You totally win best dressed in my book, pooch.

This Cutie Is Decked Out In His Winter Best And Looking Pom-Tastic
Tana Teel/Stocksy

I know this pup is looking at us like, "Does this hat make me look stupid?" Believe me pup, you look fantastic. You're really pulling off that pom pom on your beanie like a total pro. Plus, I'm sure your cute little head is totally thanking you for being nice and cozy right about now.

Oh Pup, Don't Look At Me Like That

Just look at that face and try not to swoon. My heart is melting, and I can't stop myself from awe-ing. It's totally impawssible for me to look away, and I think this corgi knows that. He wants me to give him all the treats, and I totally will.

These Two Corgis Are Ready To Celebrate The Year Of The Dog
petbarapp on Twitter

The Lunar New Year on Feb. 16 marked the beginning of the Year of the Dog — and us dog lovers are so excited to celebrate the cute fur babies we love. These two corgi pups know exactly how to party. They are dressed in their best, and are slaying it.

This Corgi Is Coming Out With An Album Titled, 'Corgi Of The Woods'
Veronika 7833/Shutterstock

Watch out, Justin Timberlake. I know your Man of the Woods album is straight fire, but this pup is the corgi of the woods. You know this doggy loves adventures and going on fun hikes with his friends. He's also totally cool with taking a little break every once in awhile, and will just plop right down on the trail for a quick chill session.

We Pawsitively Love This Precious Little Pup
cutepetclub on Twitter

Look how tiny this corgi puppy is! I just cannot handle the cuteness. It is too much to take. This tiny little fur baby is just begging us for some cuddles, and he doesn't even know that begging is not even needed.

This Corgi Was Totally Voted Class Clown
Alexandra Baklamina/Shutterstock

This pup has a silly side. I can just tell with his cute little bow and silly tongue sticking out. He's just the pup up we need when we're feeling totally blue.

I dare you to try and not smile while looking at this cutie. It's impossible.

Wishing A Very Happy Bark Day To This Pup
Andrey Slepov/Shutterstock

Go corgi, it's your birthday. We're gonna party like it's your birthday!

I hope you have the most wonderful birthday ever filled with all the dog bones and treats your heart desires. You deserve it — especially for wearing such a festive birthday hat like that one.

We Have Heart Eyes For This Corgi
corgichandler on Twitter

If I could replace all emojis with corgis, I totally would. Just imagine the heart eye emoji as a corgi pup instead. We would never have to use the crying emoji if it was a corgi, except to show how much we're crying over how cute these doggies are.

The Sweetest Flower Crown You Ever Did See
Pchela Vladimir/Shutterstock

Look at this flower child corgi. You look beautiful and totally ready to embrace the spring. I love your flower crown tulip much. You deserve all the flowers in the garden. Merci bouquet, corgi, for totally making our day.