13 Cute Friday The 13th Tattoos To Get With Friends That You Won't End Up Regretting

There's a Friday the 13th that falls in the spookiest month of them all, and for some, that means do something unforgettable. Getting inked on a Friday the 13th in October is a chance to get in on some killer deals, too. Getting Friday the 13th tattoos with your friends is a like a badge saying you conquered the creepiest day of the year, aside from Halloween.

Deals for this very occasion happen all over the United States. It's spooky for it to fall in October, which is why tattoo parlors see it as an opportunity to fulfill people's urge to get something creepy, at a fraction of the haunting price. These Friday the 13th tattoo deals vary, though, so doing some research, if the deals are what you're after, is important to do before you head out. Some parlors limit the list of options to designs that are Halloween-related.

No matter what you and your friends are into, you'll make an unforgettable memory if you all get a tattoo on Friday the 13th. And while the day ultimately has to see its end, your group tattoo will always be proof that you spent your Friday the 13th diligently and wisely. So, whether you want to get inked with a Friday the 13th memory, or just reap the benefits of a killer deal, these people are already a few steps ahead of you.

Candy Corn Cuteness
kourtney ⚓️ on Twitter

Having candy corn in October is a given. This design is so cute and adorable that you almost forget that a Friday the 13th in October is supposed to be dark and mysterious. This will remind you that you and your ladies got something endearing on a daring day.

Flowers Go With Everything
Patrick Carriera on Twitter

You can go in so many different directions with a flower tattoo. This small, but radiant look is perfect for a group of friends who just want something petite. Each of you can make your flower a different color.

Cat Lovers, Beware
nessa🎃 on Twitter

This double-faced cat is so dope. Something about not having it shaded in gives it a more sinister appeal. Any cat lovers who also love the month of October, behold your tattoo jackpot. This is an equal mix of unique and creative.

Spell It Out
Stacy's Mom on Twitter

The number 13 could mean just about anything. Getting it on Friday the 13th with your crew will give it its own meaning, literally and figuratively. Maybe it only took about 13 seconds for you to start gripping your friend's hand while getting it done!

Fangs Make Everything Cooler
💖Tattoos n Cats 💖 on Twitter

A mouth full of fangs in October is normal, but you'll get to rock this baby forever if you get it tattooed. Each of you can take a bite out of a Friday the 13th deal this year. You know you want to.

Find Beauty In A Skull
Melissa Kenny on Twitter

Who knew a skull could look so freaking cute? It's small enough to get just about anywhere if you're worried about it showing. No need to hide, though, because you and your girls are in this together.

These Rad Skeleton Fingers
Dana Nicole Halbert on Twitter

Even if you don't rock out, you would definitely be showing up and showing out with this little beauty. We've all thrown up some rock and roll hands before when we were super excited about something. Wear that same enthusiasm all of the time with some skeletal fingers.

13 In Roman Numerals
Kelsea Croston♡ on Twitter

Roman numerals of any number can be so classy and stylish. Just the Roman numerals alone tell a story, and you'll be adding a few pages of your own with the number 13. It might be hard to stop getting tatted after this gem.

Ankle Arrows
shambles on Twitter

Arrows go well with just about anything you want to pair with them. This one might not be the most Halloween-themed tattoo, but it's still a good choice. Arrows will always be awesome.

Harness Your Inner 'Harry Potter'
Kelli ☾☼ on Twitter

And once again, Harry Potter can be applied to yet another dope experience of our lives. There are plenty of symbols or sayings from Harry Potter than can be made into a tattoo. Thanks, J.K. Rowling.

Birds Of A Feather Get Tatted Together
Bangs LaRoo on Twitter

OK, feathers involve a little more detail, which means you are going to be in the tattoo artist's chair for longer than you may want to. Ultimately, feathers are symbolic, and no matter how long it takes to get it, it won't even be a fraction of how long you've been friends with the people right there with you. See, the feels are already settling in.

Fear The Floral
Black Cat Collective on Twitter

Any combination of a flower with a little bit of vine art is pretty. You've got wiggle room to make it something that's specific to you and your friends. I mean, it's permanent, so you want it to be something you put some thought into.

Any Heart Is Worth The Ache on Twitter

OK, maybe we won't be walking out of the tattoo shop with cute pumps to show off our heart tattoo, but we'll get there eventually. Heart tattoos are simple, can be placed just about anywhere, and are easy to match with your friends. Having any kind of heart involves a little bit of pain, so don't focus too much on the needle.

If you plan on getting a Friday the 13th tattoo with friends, make it something that embodies the friendship you share. With or without Friday the 13th, any time spent with your girls is one for the books.