13 Best Friend Tattoos To Get Senior Year So You'll Always Be Connected

Senior year of college certainly has its moments, the good and the bad. The good being the fact that you're going on to another exciting, new chapter in life, finally putting your degree to use. The bad includes all of your final projects and saying goodbye to a place you've called home for the past four or so years. It's a bit heartbreaking, even before you think about how all of your friends are parting ways. However, an easy way to keep all of you close when apart is to start thinking of some best friend tattoos to get senior year.

Of course, there are a lot of things to consider before getting a tattoo. It's important to keep in mind all of the things that make your relationship so special, and you may draw inspiration for a design that way. Like anything else, friendships in all phases need hard work and communication to flourish. And if you'll be long-distance from your college besties after graduation, you'll always have your sweet tattoo to remind you of your beautiful bond.

If you and your besties have been toying with the idea of tattoos throughout college, but have yet to get one together, senior year is the perfect time. It will always be a reminder of the fun times you've shared and all the great memories you have yet to make in addition to your amazing text convos that will be active for many days, weeks, and years to come.

Remember All Of Your Late Nights
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If you've gone through college with a forever kind of friend, you are well acquainted with the "Meet you at the library in 10?" texts or the "Need coffee? I'm making a stop before hittin' the stacks" messages. If you're coffee lovers and have shared your fair share of cups, these tats are definitely a contender for you to get together.

Something Extraterrestrial
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Aliens are out there and if you and your BFF feel a certain way about them, get some saucers on your bodies — something to match and something to proclaim your likes to the galaxy.

A Floral Parting Gift
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Flowers are great gifts, especially on graduation. What's even better is having those flowers in tattoo form because they will never die. Kinda cheesy? Yes, but so is your friendship at times (let's be real).

Always Have Encouragement For One Another
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Whether you get the same exact tattoo or you each pick words of encouragement for the other person, this type of tattoo is great for the sentimental duo. If you do want to pick something out, each think of advice, quotes, lyrics, or just anything that you think will help the other. Maybe they just need to remember to pick their heads up every now and then, or they always have you to lean on, no matter where you are in the world. It's a beautiful reminder.

Remind Each Other That You'll Always Love Them
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You've had hard times, for sure. You've also had great times (duh). Make sure to commemorate that in a tattoo.

Remember what Marilyn Monroe once said: "I'm selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best." That describes a true friendship right there.

Pinky Promise That You'll Text Every Day
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You shouldn't have to make a pinky promise to text (if they're your best friend, then they'll just text you without prompting). However, the promise tattoo can symbolize the understanding that you'll always be in each other's hearts, that you'll always listen when they need you to, and that you'll always have so much love for them. There won't be any forgetting here.

Get Similar Tats Of Your Favorite Places
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Getting matching tats doesn't always have to be tattoos that are identical. They can be on a similar theme or shape, like these. You can then personalize them for yourselves. Opposites do attract, so odds are, you might not be able to decide on the same tattoo, anyway. This is a great compromise.

Gift Each Other A Tattoo
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On that note, if you really can't decide on matching tattoos, how about you gift one to each other? That way you can both have parts of you on each other with a tattoo that will always remind you of your best friend when you look at it. There's nothing like a tattoo present.

A One-Worded Friendship Mantra
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Find one word that really describes your friendship, or thoughts on life or the future. Find a matching font and go for it. This tattoo will be simple, and it can have any type of vibe you want to go for: elegant, bold, sweet, or nostalgic. The possibilities are endless.

Get Some Nature On Ya
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If you both love hiking or just vibing while in nature, finding a tattoo that represents that is a no-brainer. If you have a favorite element of nature, such as the ocean, a type of bug, or a mountaintop, those make for gorgeous tattoos. You know each other inside and out — so finding something to commemorate graduation shouldn't be too hard.

Your Fave Food To Eat Together
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Eating is a great past time, and as best friends, odds are, you've done a lot of it together. If you have a favorite food or a tradition that revolves around it, why not commemorate it as part of your friendship and your tattoos?

If you're a silly pair, getting permanent pizzas is not far-fetched. If you want something subtle, a quote or simple drawing of an avocado might also do the trick.

Flowers And Loving Words Will Keep You Close
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Again, as best friends, you know that no matter what, you'll stick it out through thick and thin — just like when you were in college together for four full, fun years. Just to remind each other of all of that and what you mean to one another, get a quote entwined with your favorite thing, like a flower or musical notes. It's a cute way to remind each other that you have a friend who loves you lots.

Your Spirit Animal Or A Pet You Share
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Animals are great in any capacity. They also make great tattoos. Whether you go with a geometric version of your favorite four-legged friend, or with a great realistic version of a spirit animal or pet you share is a great matching tattoo to pick. Not only will it fill you with love and warmth every time you look at it post-grad, but it'll also make you smile thinking of your best friend and how he or she has the same exact one.