Why Moving To Different Cities After Graduation Makes No Difference For Best Friends

Time has a way of fast-forwarding when it comes to those instances you wish could last forever. One minute you're nervously getting a tour around your home for the next four years, and then they're calling your name to hand you your degree. Looking up at you is your BFF, who won't be so close anymore after you turn those tassels. Moving away after graduation is tough, especially if you're leaving such a gem behind.

Best friends don't interpret distance the same as two acquaintances would. Distance doesn't mean the friendship is put on hold, because you two have been through way more than that. You and your best friend know that a chapter is closing in your lives, but you're still writing the story of your friendship. It'll be different at first, but you'll always carry a piece of each other, no matter where you end up. Your bond is all too real and valuable.

You're both encountering that difficult part of growing up when you have to be further away from the people you care about most in this world. It's not totally catastrophic, though — let's be real. True best friends can endure separating after graduation because of a few reasons.

You've Already Made Plans To Visit Each Other

Before you even get back to your seat after receiving your degree, you have dates to visit your BFF already planned out. Either for a three-day weekend or just to pop up and say hi, your calendar has blocked out days to see your number one girl. She has likely done the same as well.

Your Gigantic Text History Will Not Lose Its Flare

That chain of text messages between you two has golden memories locked in. All you have to do is scroll up and open the door to hysterical memes and overly-detailed descriptions of PMS torment. Distance wouldn't dare hinder that. It has always been your lifeline to comic relief.

Addresses Have Been Swapped, So Care Packages Are A Must

There's nothing better than getting a random package full of knickknacks from your BFF. It shows she cares about you, and even though she's not indulging in those goodies with you, it's like she's right there. Besides, your BFF will always know just what to send you to put a smile on your face.

You Inevitably Have Something Of Each Other's To Keep With You

Whether it's that sweater you never gave back or those glasses you both got during wine tasting, they'll remind you of each other. When you have a BFF, even the smallest things will remind you of them and all of those amazing memories come rushing right back. Her presence is so vibrant that you can always recall a fun time instantly.

You Only Want The Absolute Best For Each Other

You both know how much each other's success means. And if the next move in your life has to be a literal one, away from her, then so be it. You're always gonna have her back, and you'll pack your pom-poms wherever you need to, because you'll always be her cheerleader.

You Still Intend To Watch Your Favorite Shows Together

FaceTime and Skype are now in your inner circle, and the two of you plan on using the hell out of them when your favorite show comes back on. It'll be like nothing has changed, and you'll look forward to that time every week. Seriously, even if you have to record and watch it later together, you'll both do it.

Seeing Each Other Everyday Wasn't What Made The Friendship Strong

Yeah, the two of you hung out all of the time on campus and in your dorm, but it wasn't what made the friendship entirely. You formed an unbreakable bond with a person you could confide in. They didn't have to physically be by your side for you to know that they always had your best interests in mind.

Life after graduation can be scary, because you're taking those first steps into the real world. Your BFF may not be by your side for every move, but she'll be with you in some form every single day.