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12 Non-Awk Ways To Ask A Match If You’ve Met Before IRL

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Running into someone you know on a dating app can certainly be a bizarre experience. If after studying all of their photos from every possible angle, it finally dawns on you where you've seen them before — great, you've cracked the code. Although navigating your initial approach might feel awkward, just because you've already met someone IRL, doesn't mean you should ignore them if you match. Here are some chill ways to ask a dating app match if you’ve met before.

If You're Casual Acquaintances

Matching with someone who you've met and exchanged pleasantries with on a few occasions can be the perfect opportunity to score a date. The good news is, they probably recognize you too, so there's no need to beat around the bush.

1. "Hey [their name here], I haven't seen you at [fill-in-the-blank location] for a minute! Glad to see you're thriving."

2. "Oh hey, [their name here]! I'm pretty sure we've met before at [fill-in-the-blank location]. It's good to see you again."

3. "LOL, so I wasn't imagining things? You were actually checking me out in the [library/bookstore/park] the last time we ran into each other?"

If They Look Familiar But You Can't Solve The Riddle

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you just can't place where you know someone from. If this is the case, it's best to present your hunch in a casual way and see of they have any further insight.

4. "Hey cutie! You look so familiar, but I can't figure out if we've met before."

5. "Hey [their name here], do I know you from somewhere? I'm pretty sure I've seen that smile before."

6. "[Their name here]! I have the feeling we may have met before. This riddle is killing me."


If You Met Them Through A Mutual Friend

In the event that you match with someone you know through a mutual friend, the stakes may feel higher. However, starting a convo doesn't have to be extra stressy.

7. "Hey [their name here], did you go to school with [mutual friend's name here]? I think we may have met at [location/event here]."

8. "Hi [their name here], do you know [mutual friend's name here]? I feel like we've crossed paths before."

9. "Any chance you know [mutual friend's name here]? You look so familiar! I think we might have met before.

If They're A Regular At Your Local Coffee Shop

If you match with someone who you've never officially met but have definitely seen before, casually bringing it up may be a little trickier. Letting them know that you noticed them without coming off as creepy is key.

10. "Wait, do you go to [insert coffee shop]? You look so familiar!"

11. "I think we might both be regulars at [insert coffee shop]. Hopefully, I don't sound like a total creeper, but that smile's hard to miss."

12. "Correct me if I'm wrong, but do you hang out at [insert coffee shop]? I have a feeling we might have crossed paths there."

Ultimately, it's not uncommon to match with someone on a dating app who you've already met. Even though messaging someone you lowkey know might feel awkward, if you've already matched, then it's probably safe to assume they're interested. Worst-case-scenerio, you don't know them, and you both have a cute inside joke to laugh about.

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