12 Perfect Things To Do When Your Plans Bailed & It's Just You For The Night

Picture this: It's a Saturday afternoon, you have plans to check out that cute new wine bar with a friend later tonight, and suddenly, your phone lights up with a text. Unfortunately, your girlfriend has to bail (for a good reason). Now, you're dressed up in your new suede booties with nowhere to go. The struggle's real, right? Wrong! There are actually plenty of things to do when your plans get canceled that are just as fun. Sure, you're bummed that you can't catch up with your friend, but think about all the quality time you now get to spend with yourself.

After assuring your friend that it's totally fine, don't waste your free night away. Instead, try out any of the 12 ideas on this list. You've got all of this free time that you don't have to share with anyone but yourself. You can use it to either be more productive by cleaning up your apartment and getting organized for the week, or for a carefree evening alone where you truly live by the words, "treat yourself!" Just because plan A didn't work out doesn't mean plan B can't be just as exciting. In fact, you might realize that spending some quality "me time" is exactly what you never knew you needed.

Marathon That Show You've Been Putting Off

There's nothing like a good TV marathon on a Saturday night. You likely have that one show you've been dying to see, but have been putting it off because you've been busy AF. Now is your chance to pop some popcorn, and settle in nice and cozy to watch an episode or two (or 30).

Have A Self-Care Spa Night, Complete With Face Masks

Self-care is just as important as quality time spent with friends. So, when your friend bails on plans, turn all of the focus onto yourself with a pampering night in. You can finally use those sheet face masks you've been saving for the perfect occasion, or my personal fave, a rubber hydro mask. Then, treat yourself to a mani and pedi.

Hit Up The Gym

Turn any stressful energy from the past work week into something positive by hitting up the gym. You've been meaning to go anyway, so now you've got time to run on the treadmill, jam out to your fire playlist, and check out that new workout dance class.

Rearrange Your Furniture For A New Look

Your apartment may be feeling a little drab lately, but you might not have the budget to go out and splurge on new furniture. Switching up your layout can actually do a lot without having to spend a single dime. With your free night in, rearrange your furniture to give your living space a total upgrade.

Get Crafting With A DIY Project

Other than pampering yourself, there's nothing more relaxing than DIY-ing, in my personal opinion. Maybe you want to create new art for your apartment walls, or crochet a beanie for the winter. If you need some inspo, browse the DIY section of Pinterest for some stellar ideas, and get to crafting.

Have A Fashion Show As You Reorganize Your Closet

Every day when I wake up and open my closet, I immediately think, "I need to reorganize this thing." If you're in the same boat as me, maybe this night in is actually a blessing in disguise.

Go through your wardrobe and find the clothes you don't wear anymore (be honest with yourself on this one). Have yourself a Cluessless-worthy fashion show, and see what you want to keep, and what you want to donate.

Try Your Hand At A Few Makeup Tutorials

Who doesn't love a good makeover? Find yourself a few makeup tutorials on YouTube, and have fun with them. Who knows, you could find yourself a new everyday look, or something sparkly for a future night out.

Go To A Local Museum

In my opinion, a museum is always a good idea for a solo adventure. You'll be at peace taking in the art, and won't have any distractions. Head to a museum or art gallery, and make it your mission to find the artwork that speaks to you the most.

Get Lost In The Pages Of A Romance Novel At Your Fave Cafe

I don't know about you, but I never find the time to sit down and read a good book anymore. When your friend has to cancel plans, that gives you the perfect excuse.

Head to your favorite coffee shop or a new cafe you've been wanting to check out, and sit down with a good romance novel like To All the Boys I've Loved Before by Jenny Han. Grab your fave drink and pastry, and you're all set.

Try Out A New Recipe

Show off your skills in the kitchen and have a baking night in. You could even put on Netflix's Nailed It! in the background as you're cooking. Find a sweet recipe on Pinterest that catches your eye, and try your hardest to nail it.

Set Up A Cozy Blanket Fort And FaceTime Your Fam

Sometimes when I have a free night, I love getting back to my childhood and building a blanket fort while watching my favorite '90s movies. FaceTime your family to have them hang with you as well. It'll be like the good old days.

Take Yourself On A Solo Movie Date

I love going to the movies all by myself. If you do as well, be the best movie date you've ever had. When you go alone, you get to pick out the seats and snacks you like. Plus, you don't have to share your popcorn with anyone! It truly is a win-win.