7 Things To Do Alone On The Weekend That Prove You've Reached Peak Adulting

by Kristin Corpuz
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Adulting is hard, I know. It's even harder when you have to do it by yourself, and adulting by yourself on the weekend is even harder than that. But a great way to measure progress in your personal life — and also measure how "adult" you are — is learning how to do some of life's most tedious tasks on your own (and maybe even learn to enjoy them). Here are some things to do alone on the weekend that prove you've reached peak adulting.

I know what you're probably thinking: Does anyone ever actually learn to enjoy doing laundry or paying bills? Probably not, if I'm being entirely honest. But you can learn to enjoy the feeling of being productive, and these duties might feel more approachable if you can cross a lot of things off your to-do list. I'll admit, I thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to rearrange my calendar or meal prep my favorite food. (But I'm still trying to learn how to love washing dishes afterward, unfortunately.)

Try it out. This weekend, instead of spending all day Saturday rewatching your favorite series, try to be a little more productive. Clean your room, run some errands, and pay your bills. The productivity and progress are some of the best feelings in the world.

Your Laundry (Before The Pile Is As Tall As You)
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We all have "the chair." You know, the one where all the dirty or slightly-worn clothes go until you find a better place for them. Well, as an adult, the chair shouldn't exist anymore. The sign of someone who has hit peak adulting is when you do your laundry before the pile gets too high (and before you've run out of underwear).

Grocery Shopping
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As an adult, you have to learn how to battle the long lines at the grocery store by yourself. And I don't mean grocery shopping for snacks, frozen meals, and other quick food. I mean shopping for food that you can actually cook — fruits and veggies included!

Meal Prepping For The Week
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With grocery shopping comes meal prepping. You know that you're finally an adult when you've learned how to enjoy cooking. Sunday night meal prepping can be a lot of fun, even if you're flying solo. Turn on your favorite cooking show for inspiration (I love all things Top Chef), and get to dicing those tomatoes.

Paying Your Bills
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It can be hard managing your bills during the work week, but that's what weekends are for. Even though you'd much rather be snuggling with your pup on the couch, the bills have to get paid on time. Get organized with your bills, and you'll feel so accomplished.

Planning Your Schedule For The Week
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I'm the kind of person who likes to plan out my schedule pretty far in advance, but on Sundays, I like to take a closer look at my calendar for the week. It helps me let the stresses of last week go, and helps me to look forward to new things that are happening this coming week. Adulting means that you have a full handle on your schedule and workload for the week.

Hitting The Gym
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It's easy to go to the gym on your way to or from work, but on the weekend, it can feel like more of a chore. You'll know you've reached peak adulting when you not only get up to work out on the weekend, but you get excited about it.

Taking Part In Some Self-Care
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In addition to staying on top of everything you're working on, adulting also means that you know how to set aside some "me time." Grab a face mask and a glass of wine, turn off your phone, and enjoy a couple of relaxing hours by yourself so you can recalibrate and prep for the week ahead.