12 Things Millennials Explain To Their Parents, Because We're Hilariously Misunderstood

It's not a stretch to say that many times, millennials are hilariously misunderstood by their parents. From trends and style, to priorities and technology — when compared to your parents, your adult lives couldn't be more different. Of course, you don't expect Mom and Dad to know everything there is to know about Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat off the bat. But let's be honest: It's hilarious when they totally misunderstand a reference you use or text you send them. That long list of things millennials explain to their parents sort of helps bridge the gap of generational misunderstanding (and also makes for epic stories).

As a millennial myself, I think it's pretty easy for our parents to misunderstand some of the things we've become accustomed to. (For example, why leaving your phone at home is a huge party foul, or what the point of a Bitmoji is.) It's just the times, and if millennials didn't make use of the tools, apps, and gadgets of the present, there wouldn't be anything to build on for the future.

Giving your parents the 4-1-1 is comical and educational, and that's why you don't mind explaining these 12 things to them. (You can thank me for the laughs later.)

How Dating Apps Work

You could swipe in your sleep, but your parents didn't have something like that back in the day. Get ready to explain how you can tell by a few pictures and a small description if you're interested in this person on the other end. (Also prepare for a semi-long chat about how your mom met your dad without a dating app.)

Why You're Always Snapping Pics Of Your Food

Sure, the majority of people snap pictures of their pets, accomplishments, and celebrations. But the second your flash goes off over an aesthetically pleasing taco platter, you've got some explaining to do to Mom and Dad. I mean, that meal is just so photogenic and you don't want to forget it!

How Your Remote Job Is Still A Job

Your parents are likely used to the traditional 9 to 5 in the office. When you say you "work from home," they need to know all the specifics. In the end, they're pretty impressed and amused.

The Concept Of Netflix And Chill

Oh, the horror! You have two choices here. You can either tell them the OG meaning that "Netflix and Chill" has been tagged for, or keep it PG and say it's just watching your favorite show with company. (Yeah, I'd go with the latter.)

The Deliciousness That is Avocado Toast

Avocado toast is the real deal. It's simple yet delicious, perfect for snacking, and fills you up rather quickly. Your parents are mostly wondering if you ever actually eat it since you seem so busy having a photo shoot with it.

What "Living Your Best Life" Really Means

Did you ever have a millennial slip and tell your parents that you're just trying to live your best life? They knew it had to mean something positive, but you still had to break it down for them. Ultimately, you told them it's a lot like Bender's victorious fist pump at the end of The Breakfast Club.

Acronyms You Use In A Text Convo

With your friends, LOL and WTH are acronyms you use on the daily. With your parents, it's a little tough to get your message across when your acronyms are like another language on the screen. It all started when you hit your mom with the OMW text that one time.

Why You Use Emojis As A Form of Communication

Answering in emojis isn't rude or anything. Sometimes you don't know how to respond, but your face is saying it all. Alas! There's an emoji for that. Once you explain that to your parents, they even start sending them back to you.

Where You Get Most Of Your News From

Mom, a little birdie told me, and that bird is Twitter. Your parents might not see you pick up a newspaper, but you're pretty caught up on current events. Leave it to the popular hashtags to keep you in the know.

Why You Took So Long To Accept Their FB Friend Request

The internet can be brutally honest and also hilariously inappropriate at times. You know how your parents gave you "the talk?" Well, before you accept their social media request, you give them a talk of your own and explain that they shouldn't overanalyze everything you post and like on Facebook once you guys become friends.

How A Public Figure "Broke" The Internet

Last time your parents checked, the internet wasn't a solid thing you could touch, let alone break. So, when Queen Bey broke the internet, you had to explain exactly what that meant. Till this day, your parents are wondering how much it costs to fix something like that. Gotta love them.

How You Can Be Sorry, But Not Sorry

Your parents always taught you to apologize wholeheartedly. The first time they heard you say "sorry, not sorry" to your sibling, it confused the heck out of them. Your sarcasm and millennial vernacular almost landed you in a world of trouble.