12 Songs For Your Yoga Flow Playlist That'll Help You Relax From Head To Toe

by Georgina Berbari

When you go to your favorite yoga class, and the teacher puts on a killer playlist to complement the flow, it's basically the most amazing feeling ever. Linking your movement and breath in sync to the carefully chosen music, truly makes the class a moving meditation. So, when you're flowing solo at home, picking the absolute best songs for your yoga flow will make your time on your mat equally as blissful as those times at your fav studio. As a yoga teacher, picking out the music for each of my personal flows or classes is one of my favorite things to do. If I know I'm feeling more of a intense and physical Vinyasa practice, the songs will mirror that vibe -- but for a more restorative and calming session, I'll choose more soothing, ambient tunes.

According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, there aren't many things that stimulate the brain the way music does. Plus, pairing your favorite melodies with mindful movement decreases anxiety and pain, while increasing focus and boosting your mood. So next time you're craving some quality time on your mat, here's a playlist that will make your entire body feel luxuriously energized and your mind totally blissed out.

"Light" By Dr. Toast
DJZ4D on YouTube

This soothing and ambient song is the perfect way to start out your flow, especially if you're including some gentle stretching to warm up.

Bringing awareness into your body while listening to the calming beats in the background will focus and ground you.

"Today" by ODESZA
MrSuicideSheep on YouTube

As you begin to move your body, Odesza will ease you into your practice with this tranquil tune.

Your inhales and exhales will feel so much more expansive and fulfilling with this song guiding them.

"Hurt Me" by Lapsley
LapsleyVEVO on YouTube

You might be getting into some sun salutations by now, and the fluid and strengthening movements involved are the ideal time to begin to feel all the feels.

"Hurt Me" by Lapsley has got you covered on that one, trust me.

"Hallelujah" by Jeff Buckley
jeffbuckleyVEVO on YouTube

At this point you'll feel the heat beginning to build in your practice, and this version of Hallelujah will make each asana as expansive and heart-opening as ever. That voice, though.

"Holocene" by Bon Iver
boniver on YouTube

Bon Iver always has a place in an amazing yoga flow, amirite? I can literally feel the breath flowing gently throughout my body just listening to this for a few seconds.

"The Wolves" (Act I and II) by Bon Iver
lukkyduck on YouTube

Alright, I had to include one more Bon Iver jam in here -- it's only right.

"The Wolves" is filled with acoustic, magical goodness that is pretty much made to compliment every downward dog and warrior II.

"Higher Ground" by ODESZA
ODESZA on YouTube

Right when you feel like you just can't hold that pose any longer, Higher Ground is to the freaking rescue.

This song is uplifting AF and will keep you going through the most challenging of asanas.

"We Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off" by Ella Eyre
EllaEyreVEVO on YouTube

Ella Eyre's voice is what I imagine angels in heaven sound like... know what I mean? Slay girl, slay.

"Slow Dancing In A Burning Room" by John Mayer
EmandElMusic on YouTube

I bet you never thought John Mayer would find his way into your yoga flow -- but it honestly just feels so right. You're welcome.

"Words" by Gregory Alan Isakov
Matt Tucker on YouTube

As you begin to wind down and get closer to Savasana, Gregory Alan Isakov's voice will sound similar to the beginning of a sweet lullaby.

Don't go to sleep just yet, though. Two more songs, fam.

"10 Laws" by East Forest
eastforestmusic on YouTube

"10 Laws" by East Forest is the most unique and trippy song I've ever heard -- and it's so ideal for when you're taking those final movements on your mat before your closing meditation or corpse pose.

"Slow Down" by Scott Orr
OtherSongs on YouTube

Sometimes I like to play this song during Savasana, and sometimes I keep the room silent. It's totally your choice, but either way your final relaxation should be as blissful and placid as possible.

Namaste, my friends.