Halloween concept, girl vampire with red eyes red lips lying on floor with pumpkins and snow around....
These Halloween Makeup Looks Are Straight Up So Pretty, You Don't Need A Costume


I’m a total Leo when it comes to Halloween, which means I value an attention-stealing, meticulously-planned costume. Considering we are well into October, I'm at a very critical point when it comes to planning my ensembles. But I get it — not everyone takes weeks to plan Halloween costumes, and you may be in the early stages of brainstorming your ideas right now. If you're searching for some creative inspiration, look no further, because I’ve carefully curated a list of pretty Halloween makeup looks guaranteed to catch the eyes of all other spooky partygoers.

Truth be told, when you're down to the wire before Halloween, a really good makeup look is a perfect costume in itself. Not to mention, makeup is a already a crucial part of all costumes in general, because it has the ability to make a costume look that much more realistic. The below looks I've curated are the perfect mix of complements to iconic costumes and looks all their own. And don't worry; whether you're a makeup novice or a highly-trained pro, you'll find something here you like. So shake up your bottle of setting spray and prepare to party all night long in any of these hauntingly gorgeous makeup looks.

Howling Hot

Wolves aren't just frightening creatures of the night— they’re relevant pop-culture icons, too. Think: Twilight, Michael Jackson's "Thriller" music video, or Teen Wolf. This werewolf makeup look exudes a sexy air of mystery, and the blue glitter will illuminate your otherwise dark makeup. Don't forget to give yourself spiky, untamed brows to add to the fierceness of your look.

The Mystery Machine Stunner

Scooby Doo's Daphne has a legendary outfit consisting of a lot purple and fun pops of green and pink from her scarf and tights. Incorporate all these colors together in a makeup look that's so striking, it'll get everyone saying “Jeepers!” The purple cut crease, bright green shadow, and glittery eyelid work together to create an eye-catching contrast between different colors and textures.

Bat Wing Liner

If you would rather avoid a head-to-toe Halloween ensemble but still need to be costume-party ready, this eye look is the perfect solution. With a few added points on your classic cat-eye, you can turn a typical winged liner look into the shape of a bat wing. Popping some bright orange shadow into your crease will give you the traditional Halloween color scheme, so no one can accuse you of not being festive.

Some Sassy "Passion 4 Fashion"

Bratz dolls are the pinnacle of over-the-top fashion and beauty inspo, so this Halloween, pack on super pigmented, glittery eyeshadow that extends way past your eyelids — literally any color will work. Bold eyeliner is also a must, and so are dramatic lashes. Don't neglect your lips, because Bratz Dolls had perfectly lined lips and the best lipsticks (or glosses). If people call you “extra” in this look, that's good — it means you're totally radiating Bratz-level confidence.

Icy Queen

Halloween arrives when the weather starts to get significantly more chilly (read: unbearable). If you want to be a seasonally-appropriate, icy kingdom's queen (and if you love glitter), this look is perfect for you. These blue-to-purple holographic lips paired with some cool-toned blush will give you a frost-bitten look that still glows. Swipe silver, glitter-packed highlighter onto your cheekbones and the tip of your nose to give yourself a frosty sheen.

Get Goofy

This costume is based on the poetic Beret Girl from Disney’s An Extremely Goofy Movie, who, despite having a minor role, has a total costume-worthy look. While this may seem a little niche, it's OK if some people don’t get the pop-culture reference — this look is still a cool way to spice up a typical dog costume. With bright purple eyeshadow and red lips, you’ll be the most stunning animated pup at any party.

Bad Witch Energy

A witch is such a classic Halloween costume, but you may want to put an individual, creative twist on it by crafting a show-stopping makeup look. Exaggerate your look by packing on black eyeshadow in a big, sharp wing. Add bright orange and yellow to the inner corner of your eyes for a mystical, phoenix-inspired look. Finally, black lips are a necessity, and coloring your brows silver is a unique detail that will allow your makeup look to standout among other witch costumes.

Catwalk-Ready Kitten

Who hasn't panicked on Halloween and settled for a last-minute cat ears purchase? You can spice up a last-minute cat costume if you find glittery ears and pair it with this makeup look. This baby pink eyeshadow, ultra-crisp cut crease, and dramatically sharp wing is the cat's meow. Also, trading in a normal circle nose for a heart-shaped one is a totally adorable upgrade.

Mythical Beauty

You're a goddess every day of the year, so dress up like one straight out of a mythical tale. Your makeup look will need an other-worldly level of elegance, so glide on some gold, glittery shadow and apply some luscious false lashes. Bold bronzer and shimmery highlight will be this look's MVPs, because they’ll emphasize your regal beauty and make you look more statuesque. This metallic look is so majestic, it'll have everyone thinking you’re visiting the party from Mt. Olympus.

Creepin' It Colorful

I’m always impressed when I spot someone who transformed their face into a skeleton for Halloween, and this rainbow skeleton look is a game-changer. Sporting colorful brows and a multi-colored eyeshadow look gives you the chance to get wacky with hues you may not usually wear. Also, infusing your skeletal jaw with all the colors of the rainbow ensures you'll be a standout among all the other monochromatic skeletons haunting costume parties with you.

Hollywood Icon

Channel your inner diva and pretend you are an A-list celeb attending an awards show or movie premiere this Halloween. Stunt on everyone with a dramatic cut crease, creamy metallic eyeshadow, and a heavy blush. You'll also need an intense, crisp winged liner and classic red lips. (This look is so tempting, it has me reaching for my Fenty Stunna Lip Paint as we speak.)

Comic Book Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is undeniably tough and cool, so go as the comic book version of her for an undeniably epic costume. Swipe on some bright red lipstick and matching glitter eyeshadow, then contour your face with sharp white and black lines using face paint or eyeliner. Be ready to look like you're hot off the press and just hopped out of a glossy comic book.