The Hottest Place For You To Hook Up This Fall, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

When you think of fall, you might think of pumpkin pie, falling leaves, and finally getting to wear your leather jacket. And whether you're in a relationship or single and lookin' to mingle, this change of season also offers a ton of fun places to hook up during fall, trust me! If you're coupled up, sometimes a change of location is all you need to pumpkin spice things up in the bedroom. And if you're hooking up with a new parter on a fun date, why not go a step further and try something really new, guided by your zodiac sign?

I think summer gets the credit for being the sexiest season, what with all the exposed skin, tans, and heat, but I think fall has a strong case to make. The cooler weather makes you want to be cozy, cuddle up, and stay warm, and fall fashion is full of earth tones, leathers, and sweaters you just want to nuzzle into. Your zodiac sign not only affects your personality, traits, and tendencies, it also affects your sexuality. Certain signs are bolder and freer with sex, while others approach intimacy with more reservation and emotion. Read on below to find out where your sign might just love to get some love this fall.

Aries: In An Apple Orchard

As an Aries, you love adventure, challenges, and competition. You're also love new experiences and being daring, so this fall is the perfect time for you to get lucky in an apple orchard. While most of your energy and passion is directed towards "winning" in life, you also have a strong romantic streak, so going apple picking in the fall with your bae is totally appealing. Throw in the challenge of sex in a public place and you've got the perfect sexy situation for you, Aries.

Taurus: In A Dressing Room

You, sweet Taurus, are practical, reliable, and loyal. Now that fall is upon us, you're probably headed out sweater shopping and of course you've got your boo with you, since you take care of those you love. Although you're down to earth and sensible, you also can be slightly self-indulgent, so you just might not be able to resist hooking up in the dressing room! In this case, your Taurean urge to follow the rules will be helpless against the practicality of the situation — you'll both be taking your clothes off anyway! It's not just sexy, it's efficient.

Gemini: On A Hayride

Dear Gemini, you are enthusiastic, love to go with the flow, and crave new experiences. You get excited at the change of seasons because it's a break from the ordinary, and a change of pace. Thusly, you embrace all things having to do with fall, including going on a hay ride. After cuddling up with your honey and some apple cider during the ride, consider sneaking back to a haystack and getting busy. Chances are your need to experience life to the fullest won't be the only thing satisfied.

Cancer: In Your Bed

You, Cancer, are a homebody. You're intuitive, emotional, and sensitive, and love to feel safe and loved in return. Your home, like the shell of a crab, is your safe place, so you're most comfortable being intimate in your very own bed. The allure of sex in public, a plane bathroom, or a car has never appealed to you at all. So this fall, light up a pumpkin spice-scented candle, crawl under your coziest blankets, and get busy in the romantic glow.

Leo: At A Halloween Costume Party

As a Leo, you love attention, admiration, and being busy, so you're not one to skip a party. And a Halloween costume party? That's your time to shine! This party is not just a chance for you to win best costume, which you probably will, but could also be a way to add some heat to the chilly weather of fall. Hooking up at a party is totally up your alley, because you, bold Leo, aren't afraid of being interrupted, are spontaneous, and action-oriented. #action.

Virgo: By The Fireplace

Virgo, you are intelligent, introverted, and practical. You live in the real world, not in a fantasy land, and for you the idea of having sex somewhere "wild" is nonsense. Why be uncomfortable in some cramped location or run the risk of someone catching you, when you have a perfectly soft blanket, a nice bottle of pinot, and a blazing fireplace at home? It makes much more sense, and for you, that is a turn-on.

Libra: In A Corn Maze

Libra, you love peace, balance, and romance. You're diplomatic, kind, and find a way to make everyone around you happy. You swoon for the cozy romanticism of fall, and love getting bundled up in a cute flannel and leather jacket to go with your honey for a date. This fall, take your date to an Instagram-worthy corn maze. Hear me out — you love nature, going on an adventure with your bae is irresistable to you, and this combines the two! When you two take a wrong turn in the maze, you'll find a dark corner where you guys can keep each other warm.

Scorpio: At A Haunted House

Oh, Scorpio, you dark and twisty little creature you! You're brave, adventurous, and love putting yourself in challenging situations. Halloween is probably your favorite holiday because you can explore your dark side, give someone a good scare, and wear something really sexy in public! This Halloween season, as you're navigating the frights and scares of a haunted house, you and your boo (get it?!) might just duck into a creepy closet, or abandoned basement. You two aren't scared, you get turned out by danger — so get your freak on.

Sagittarius: In The Back Seat

Sagittarius, honey, you are full of positivity, confidence, and intelligence. You embrace new experiences as a chance to learn and grow, and your big heart endears you to everyone around you. You aren't afraid of change, and really feel connected to the changing of the seasons. That's why you and your partner love going for a drive to see all the gorgeous changing leaves, listening to NPR the whole way. But this fall, take the time to pull over and crawl into the backseat for a little lovin'.

Capricorn: In A Tent

Capricorn, you are driven by success, relish achievement, and respect discipline. You're so focused on your career and obligations that it might be time for you to take a break and let your honey take you camping for the weekend. Camping?! Yes, camping. Being in nature grounds you and connects you to your emotional self, letting your intellect relax. You also love the challenge of an adventure, so you might find yourself in a tent with your babe, feeling relaxed, replenished, and sexy AF.

Aquarius: In A Pumpkin Patch

Aquarius, you are a curious, creative, and affectionate creature. Your big heart is only rivaled by your massive urge to seek experience, adventure, and truth. While you like tradition, you also like to break new ground, so hooking up in a pumpkin patch is kind of perfect for you. Hopping the fence after-hours to find the perfect spot among the pumpkins will be exciting to you, hilarious, and just the kind of story you love regaling your friends with. Plus, if you do get caught, your charm will get you out of trouble.

Pisces: In A Pile Of Leaves

You, Pisces, are sensitive, emotional, and intuitive. You're spontaneous, sensitive, and selfless almost to a fault. Your feelings steer your decision-making, and when the urge to get intimate with your partner strikes, you answer the call! That's why you, of all the zodiac signs, would be most likely to get off from getting busy in a pile of leaves! You're connected to nature, crisply in tune with your emotions, and when passion strikes, you simply can't resist falling to the ground with your loved one.

So, again, I believe fall to be an unbelievably "hot" season, and all of these places are great opportunities for your sign to get your sexy on. Your zodiac sign affects your general level of adventurousness and interest in voyeurism, so take those qualities into account when planning your next romantic encounter.

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