14 Places On Campus You Can Hook Up In Besides Your Dorm Room

by Sheena Sharma
20th Century Fox

When I was in college, I was... well, let's just say I was sexually experimental. Sexperimental, if you will.

The problem is, in college, you usually share a dorm room with someone else. (If you didn't or currently aren't, how the hell did you luck out like that?) When you inevitably stumble back to your room at 3 am with a dude, you either have to kick your roommate out or low-key try something while she's still sleeping.

Since both of those options suck, I've created a list of possible places for you all to get down and dirty with the guy from your English class you've been eyeing since day one.

Take it from me: The study lounge on my campus was poppin', and it's where I took my one-night-only dudes. I won't share much else, but I'll tell you this: Guys love getting blowjobs in places that aren't bedrooms.

And the best part about hooking up anywhere but your actual room? If he sucks, you don't have to kick him out. You can just get up and go.

Here are all the places you can hook up with someone in college besides your dorm room:

A Classroom

Preferably, the classroom is one that's associated with a course or professor you absolutely despise. Payback!

The Multi-Faith Center

Be bold and bang in a church! You know you've always wanted to be that naughty! It's so ~forbidden.~

Your Local Cafe

Whether it's Starbucks or a cute, little, nameless cafe, there's nothing better than doing it in a room that reeks of espresso. Sex plus espresso equals true love, even if only for the night.

The Study Lounge

Let's be real: No one studies in the study lounge.

The Cafeteria (After Hours)

After hours, people. AFTER HOURS. You don't want to piss off the lunch lady. The lunch lady is your friend.

Public Bathroom

But go for the bigger stall that's separate from all the other ones.

The Stacks In The Library

Just don't be annoying AF and bother someone who's actually trying to get shit done.

The Laundry Room

Rumble and tumble, if you know what I mean.

The Baseball Field

Really, any sports field will do here. You have to love a big, open space for some lovin'.

The Meditation Room

That is, if your school has one. You guys can bang and then meditate together.

That Fountain In The Middle Of Campus

It's the one all the students show their parents when it's Visiting Day, but don't actually care about.

The Shared Shower On Your Dorm Floor

Wear your shower shoes and a condom, please and thanks.

The Gym Sauna

...or the pool. Any enclosed, wet-ish space is typically awesome.

The Auditorium That Isn't Being Used

Unless you're into people watching you. If that's the case, let your freak flag fly high.