12 Best Fall Activities From When You Were A Kid That Should Never Leaf Your Life

As a kid, fall was likely marked by bundling up at the request of your parents and participating in fun seasonal activities. You hit up pumpkin patches and got lost in corn mazes with your besties. These activities made it easier to transition from flip flops to work boots, and thoroughly enjoy everything about autumn. Raise your hot cocoa mugs for this one, because I'm putting nostalgic fall activities back on your radar (and you can thank me later).

In my opinion, some adults become less attracted to fall because they no longer do the sweet, little things that made the season so outstanding growing up. They wouldn't be able to tell you the last time they built a leaf fort, made popcorn chains for decorations, or roasted s'mores over the bonfire. I get it; adulting comes with a busy schedule. But it's so important to make time for the things that make you happy.

Needless to say, there's a long list of things you did as a kid that deserve to stick around for the long run. And lucky for you, I've done a big chunk of the work for you. Hopefully these activities will never evade your fall again.

Navigating Your Way Through A Corn Maze

Corn mazes can be a bit spooky, but what is fall without experiencing a spook or two with your besties? Grab a handful of your girlfriends, and try to figure your way out. Hot apple cider awaits once you cross the finish line!

Wearing A Handmade Scarf Or Beanie

You don't need me to tell you how cozy handmade clothes and accessories can be — so head over to your local craft store ASAP. (You aren't opposed to rocking that cute oversized sweater your aunt made for you, either.)

Building A Scarecrow In The Backyard With Your Bestie

Real talk: Scarecrows can be creepy as heck, but as long as you build yours with a smile, you're good to go. Fill him with newspaper or hay, and post him in the backyard. (He's not so scary when you pose with him with a couple of pumpkins for the 'Gram, anyway.)

Jumping Into A Fresh Pile Of Leaves

Mother Nature blesses us with her version of confetti every fall, and we cannot get enough of it. Build a fort, or simply jump into the big pile that you rake up. Let your fur baby join in on the fun, too.

Going To The Farm For Homemade Apple Cider Doughnuts

There's nothing quite like the delicious homemade goods you find at a farm. Apple cider donuts are a fall favorite. You'll want to eat a freshly baked one there, and take a box home with you as well.

Drinking Hot Cocoa Any Time Of Day

You can drink hot cocoa any time of year, but it's almost like it was meant for fall. Drink it in the morning or before bed like you used to. It's no coffee, but it'll warm you up and make you feel super nostalgic. (Don't forget the marshmallows to top.)

Enjoying A Hayride Or Two

Don't sleep on a hayride or two this season. And if you're up for it, you can make it a haunted hayride. Either way, these rides are so scenic and are full of those fall vibes you love so much. Bundle up!

Having A Halloween Block Party

Somewhere in or around your neighborhood growing up, there was a Halloween carnival for everyone to attend. You can have a small gathering with your friends and fill the whole day with Halloween fun, including decorating pumpkins. (Yes, trick or treating is still on the table.)

Breaking The Wishbone On Thanksgiving

Get your hands on that wishbone when it's turkey time, and watch all of those nostalgic feelings instantly rush back to you. You might even realize a few of those past wishes actually came true.

Making Your Way To The Pumpkin Patch

Whether it was for your mom's pumpkin pie or carving jack-o-lanterns, you loved skipping up and down the rows of the pumpkin patch. Now, you can roast your own seeds and take pics on the ginormous gourds.

Baking Seasonal Cookies With The Fam

I mean, did you even experience fall without baking or eating some sort of seasonal baked goods? Make all things cinnamon spice and everything nice with your family. That quality time is good for the soul.

Collecting Acorns For A DIY Project

Remember when you gathered leaves and acorns for a class activity? Head to Pinterest and pin creative ways to use fall items for a DIY project. Showcase your masterpiece in a special spot for everyone to see.

Nostalgic fall activities shouldn't have to fade because you're growing up. Hold your scarves close, and those precious memories from your childhood even closer.