A brunette woman stretches in her bed in the morning.

12 Morning Stretch Videos That Will Totally Kickstart Your Day


Waking up first thing in the morning can be a bit of a struggle some days. You might feel tempted to press the snooze button a few times, but you know you need to get up and start your day. One way to get going is by doing some morning stretch videos on YouTube. It's a simple and easy way to get those muscles warmed up so that you're able to take on the day like a boss.

Depending on whether you have ample time or only 10 minutes to spare in the morning, there are a bunch of stretch tutorials that are fit for your schedule. For some of these videos, you don't even have to leave your bed. It definitely helps to narrow down which morning stretch to try if you have a goal in mind. A simple go-to goal could be to get a quick energy boost, but you can also choose to stretch to increase your flexibility or embrace a relaxing mindset as you prepare to tackle the day.

Who knows, you might even become a morning person who says goodbye to your snooze button altogether. In fact, you might start trading in that snooze button you adore for pressing the play button on a morning stretch video from now on.

Rise And Shine To These Simple Stretches

Get ready to kickstart your day with these simple stretches. This morning stretch video has 10 easy stretches you can try out and see which ones work best for you.

A 10-Minute Yoga Stretch Routine For Your Full Body

If you're a yogi with only 10 minutes to spare, this video might be the one for you. Start your day off with a simple yoga stretch routine, like the one above. You might have a mat at home already, so you're totally prepared to go.

A Five-Minute Stretch To Wake Up Your Body

If you only have a few minutes of free time before you need to start working, this morning stretch video is a great one to try. It may only be five minutes, but it covers everything you need to wake up your body.

These Simple Stretches That'll Get Your Body Moving

This stretch video is meant for waking up your body. With stretches like shoulder and neck rolls, it'll be like a good cup of joe for your body.

A Quick Routine That Features A Scalp Massage

In the amount of time it takes you to brew your coffee at home, you could be doing this quick stretch routine for an energy boost. It's only about five minutes long, and the best part is the ending: a scalp massage.

A Hands-Free Stretch Routine

This hands-free morning stretch is perfect if you want to give your wrists a break. None of these stretches require you to put any weight on your arms, and only takes 10 minutes to complete.

A 10-Minute Stretch You Can Do In Bed

This video guides you through a 10-minute stretch without having to leave your cozy oasis. Get ready to do child's pose using one of your pillows.

A Five-Minute Stretch For Beginners You Can Also Do In Bed

If you're new to morning stretches, this might be the best one to start with. Not only is it a quick five minutes, but you can do it in bed.

A Gentle Morning Stretch Routine

If you ever find yourself shuffling like a stiff zombie to the bathroom to get ready in the morning, you might need to stretch to wake yourself up. Ditch the zombie vibes by doing this gentle morning stretch each day.

This Five-Stretch Video That'll Boost Your Energy

Consider this quick stretch video as your daily espresso shot. According to the tutorial, it includes five different stretches that will help boost your energy.

A 15-Minute Full Body Stretch

To workout your entire body, try this 15-minute full body stretch. If you're not sure what area of your body needs the most stretching, this will cover everything.

A Total Body Stretch

Get into the routine of doing this total body stretch every morning. In the video, the instructor suggests dimming the lights and focusing on the good things happening in your world while you stretch.