12 Little Pleasures In Life Millennials Shouldn't Feel Guilty Making Time For

Millennials are often told that we are filled with wanderlust, do everything for the 'Gram, and spend more money on brunch than anyone else. That all may be true, but it's also not a bad thing, either. All of those little things can add up to a whole lot of happiness, and that's what we're all aiming for anyway. That's why I truly believe that it's the little pleasures in life that millennials shouldn't feel guilty making time for.

So, say, "goodbye" to the guilt, because it's doing no one any favors. Instead, live by the motto of "treat yourself." After all, you work really hard balancing life and work, and deserve to spend a little more time and money on experiences and things that bring you ultimate joy.

With all of that in mind, there's no shame in investing yourself in these 12 things you already love. Use your Sundays for Fundays with your friends, and tap into those savings to check something special off of your travel dream list. Doing it for the 'Gram just means that you're creating everlasting memories. It's your life, so use your time to do whatever makes you smile the brightest, and live it up.

Travel To Visit Family And Friends Whenever You Can

Making time for your friends and family is never wasted time. You love your family and BFFs from childhood more than anything. Since you don't get to see them that often, long weekends and breaks from school are always the prime opportunity to visit them.

Check Off Bucket List Destinations From Your To-Do List
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If you have a growing list of countries and cities you want to visit, you need to start marking it off now. You can't wait until you're retired to start seeing the world, right? Whenever the opportunity presents itself, you need to pack your bags and go.

Buy Tickets For Your Fave Band's Concert

As much as you love listening to their album on Spotify, it is never the same as seeing your favorite artist in concert. You have to see them live at least once. Whether it's at a small venue in your city or a big music festival in California, it's always worth it.

Make Plans To Eat Out With Your Friends

It is more budget-friendly to eat at home every night of the week. However, when your friends ask you to brunch or to go to a late-night diner, you should say a guilt-free "yes" if you're up for it. It's always worth spending money for great catch-up conversations with your fave people, and Instagram-worthy food.

Enjoy Your Fave Latte In The Morning

You could save a little time and money by brewing your own cup of coffee in the morning, but you deserve your favorite latte. No one can make it quite like your go-to barista. It also ensures that you have the best day ever, because you started it with the right kind of java. You deserve it!

Spring For A Membership To A Gym You Love

You should never feel guilty about focusing time and spending money on your health. Find a gym that you absolutely fall in love with. Maybe it has some fun fitness classes you want to try, or a sauna in the locker room.

Plan Insta-Worthy Adventures
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If you love doing it for the 'Gram, don't let anyone dull that Insta filter sparkle. Go to the super bloom with your friends, or dive into a pool of sprinkles at the Museum of Ice Cream. If you love Instagram, don't stop yourself from posting and sharing.

Seek Out Creative Classes That Are All About Your Hobbies

Aside from work and spending time with your friends, you should also be investing time in your hobbies. It could be a baking class, painting workshop, or improvisational comedy course. Either way, it's worth the little splurge to get all your creative juices flowing.

Treat Yourself To A Mani Or Pedi On The Weekend

The epitome of treating yourself is getting your nails done at the spa. Of course, you could do it at home, but you may love sitting back in the massage chair and having someone else do it for you.

Cancel Your Plans For A Netflix Night In
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You should never feel guilty for needing some "me time." Your friends won't judge you for having to cancel on Friday night plans to stay at home, watch Netflix, and maybe catch up on laundry. Those are my favorite nights.

Relax And Nap Whenever You Can
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A nap is the greatest gift you can give yourself. Whenever you have a spare 20 minutes, you should always use it for a power nap if you can. No shame in sleeping whenever. You deserve those Z's.