12 Father's Day Zoom backgrounds to show your appreciation.

These Father's Day Zoom Backgrounds Are Perfect For A Virtual Celebration

by Daffany Chan

Virtual backgrounds allow you to personalize your Zoom call for any occasion. If you're looking to host a virtual Father's Day celebration this year, you can easily replace your living room with a more festive scene that'll show off your appreciation for dad. Here are 12 Father's Day Zoom backgrounds to get the party started.

Father's Day is coming up on Sunday, June 21. As of May 6, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) continues to recommend social distancing to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus, which means if you may not be visiting your dad for an in-person gathering this year. Though nothing can replace an IRL celebration, you can show your love to your dad during a virtual hangout. If you're planning to connect with your loved ones remotely for the holiday, there are plenty of options for themed virtual backgrounds to choose from.

To use Zoom's virtual background feature, you'll need to make sure you meet the minimum requirements, which are Zoom version 4.6.0 on your PC or Mac, or an updated version of the Zoom mobile app on an iPhone 8 or later. You can also use an iPad if it's a fifth generation or later. You may need to update your computer operation system if you meet the Zoom requirements but your virtual background still isn't working.

To swap out your IRL surroundings for a virtual background, you'll first need to sign into Zoom with your account and go to the Settings by clicking on the gear icon in the right corner of the homepage. Then, select the Virtual Background tab and click the plus icon (+) to upload the background of your choice. From there, you can upload an image. Zoom recommends using high-resolution images from a royalty-free image service like Pixabay, Unsplash, or Pexels. If you'd like to swap out your background while in a Zoom meeting, you can go to the video camera icon in the bottom left corner, tap the up arrow, and select "Choose Virtual Background..."

Check out these top picks to get your Zoom call ready for Father's Day:

1. Best Dad Background

The Best Dad Background from Pixabay features an adorable blue tie illustration that looks like a virtual greeting card.

2. Happy Father's Day Wrapping Background

Give your dad a virtual gift with this Happy Father's Day Wrapping Background from Pixabay featuring a decorative blue and white design.

3. Happy Father's Day Sticky Note Background

This Happy Father's Day Sticky Note Background from Pixabay looks just like the hand-written message you'd slip in your dad's bag.

4. "Papa" Background

Reminisce on all the game nights with your dad using this "Papa" Background from Pixabay which features Scrabble letters.

EvgeniT /Pixabay

6. Best Dad Hearts Background

There's no better way to show your love than with the Best Dad Hearts Background by Pixabay, which is packed with hearts in different shades of blue.

7. Best Dad Money Background

The Best Dad Money Background by Pixabay will give your favorite man a good chuckle. It features a cup of joe with the words "Best Dad" on top of a $100 bill.

8. Happy Father's Day Background

The Happy Father's Day Background from Pixabay features a bright design that'll add a splash of color to your call.

9. Father's Day Greeting Background

This Father's Day Greeting Background from Pexels features a fun display that includes hearts and an outline of a man wearing spectacles and a hat.

Cristian Dina/Pexels

10. Father's Day Road Trip

If you have fond memories on road trips with dad, check out this Father's Day Road Trip Background from Pexels, which shows a father reading a "Happy Father's Day" card while in a car.

11. Ties Background

Give your dad a virtual tie collection with this Tie Background from Unsplash. It features all the ties of all colors and designs to bright your dad's day.

12. Heart-Shaped Cookie Background

Indulge your dad's sweet tooth this holiday with this Heart-Shaped Cookie Background from Unsplash, which features "Papa" written on it in icing.