12 Dogs Rockin' Sunnies Who Look So Much Cooler Than All Of Us

by Tessa Harvey

One sure pick-me-up on the gloomiest of days is looking at a dog's happy face. Let's be honest, we all enjoy scrolling through pictures of dogs on Instagram and swooning over a friend's snaps of their pup — for hours on end, on the daily. You know how it is. Sometimes you need a little puppy face to spread some sunshine into your life. Or, you know, some dogs in sunglasses, because why not?

I mean, just think about it. There's nothing much cuter than a happy dog enjoying a chill summer afternoon, rockin' a sweet new pair of sunglasses. These dogs truly know they look super fly, and we can all take some serious style pointers from them. Cool and trendy or bold and sassy, you name it. I'm convinced there's nothing cuter than pups with some sunnies.

Instead of searching the 'Gram for some cute new pups or begging your BFF to snap you more pics of her doggo, you've got these 12 adorable furry friends living their best life and looking heckin' good while doing it. Feel free to save for any future bad days, and get ready to swoon over the cuteness overload. We are so ready for some sunny days, and these pups understand us on another level.

Love Is In The Air
Duet Postscriptum / Stocksy

This dog is exactly how I feel when I'm out and about and scope out a total hottie walking down the street. Love is in the air, spring fever is all around, and I have major heart eyes. This pup totally understands my feels, and I really want to borrow those sunglasses, ASAP.

That Fresh AF Haircut Feeling
Mosuno / Stocksy

You know when you get a haircut and you convince whoever is with you to become your photographer for a bomb AF photoshoot? Yeah, I think that's what this pup's going for. Who's your stylist, doggo? A girl needs to know.

When It's Time For An Afternoon Nap
Lucca Pierro / Stocksy

This pooch is looking chill AF and ready to relax. If this isn't your mood after a long and productive day, who are you? Give me all the naps, please.

Feelin' That American Summer Spirit
Melissa Ross / Stocksy

This dog looks like he's full of American spirit, and it's not just the glasses. He's furry, he's friendly, and he's smiling — what else could you want from a patriotic fur-ball? We've got the Fourth of July spirit going on here.

Just A Dapper Dog In His Sunday Best
Pansfun Images / Stocksy

"Hi, yes, folks, I'm wearing a bowtie." Or at least, that's what I imagine this pup saying. You can't tell me he doesn't look like he's ready to meet a pup for a date. Anyway, he's adorable, and slaying the dapper outfit.

That "Please Don't Talk To Me" Look
VEAVEA / Stocksy

I know I said napping was the mood, but this is, too. This dog is fine with having her picture taken, but if you come any closer, she might just have to tell you off. That camera life can be so exhausting!

The Side Eye Is Real
Giada Canu / Stocksy

We've all made this look before, let's be honest. You're not fooling this dude one bit. He knows where you are, and what you're doing. He's cool, and certainly no fool... so don't try to pull the wool over his eyes.

When You Just Miss Christmas
VEAVEA / Stocksy

Sometimes, it's hard to let things go — like your morning coffee, or that amazing birthday weekend you had. Or, in this case, Christmastime. Who's gonna tell this doggo it'll be back next year?

Working On That Tan
Tana Teel / Stocksy

Spring break pupper here, just living his best life. C'mon, have you ever seen a happier face? He's working on that tan, soaking up some sun, and posing for pictures. We're all a little bit jealous.

When A Dog Is Actually Cooler Than You
Clique Images / Stocksy

Candid, plandid, or something in between, this dog's got the IG pose down. Seriously, who taught him this? Also, let's talk about that outfit, 'cause it just screams cool.

Small Dame, Big Frames
GIC / Stocksy

My favorite picture is this picture. Just look at this little face! Brown tortoise glasses to match perfectly with her brown coloring, she's cool and she totally knows it.

The Life Of The Party Has Arrived
Rachel Gulotta Photography / Stocksy

Yes, when you asked for the life of the party, you were really talking about this doggo. Didn't anyone teach you that the only party worth having is the one where all dogs are welcome? Don't forget this little guy on the guest list.