A woman wearing Elsa-inspired makeup from Disney's 'Frozen' has her hair braided like Elsa's.
12 Disney Makeup Tutorials That Are Pure Magic

Sometimes, you wish you could walk in the shoes of a Disney princess. Who wouldn't want to befriend adorable animals, sing whenever your heart desires, and live that happily every after kind of life? You may not live in Arendelle, but you can channel some of your favorite princesses and characters with these Disney makeup tutorials on YouTube. There are plenty of makeup tutorials out there to make your Disney dreams come true.

Out of these 12 Disney makeup tutorials, there's a wide range of looks you can choose from. You can go with a more subtle everyday princess vibe that would look great with your DisneyBound outfit. You can rock that kind of look the next time you're at Disney and want to get a glam pic in front of the castle. There are also costume makeup looks that will look great with your Disney cosplay or magical Halloween ensemble.

Though, if you're simply having fun at home, you can try all 12 of these makeup tutorials. Just make sure you snap some makeup selfies after you've completed each one. Caption your looks with a Disney selfie caption that will have your friends smiling from Mickey ear to ear.

Scar From 'The Lion King'

Be prepared to turn heads with this gorgeous Scar makeup look from The Lion King. Sure, Scar was the epitome of evil, but this look is 100% good. It'll be perfect for your next costume party or a reason to take a #fire selfie.

Elsa from 'Frozen'

Elsa may have sang "Let it Go," but she was definitely not talking about this makeup tutorial. You can channel Frozen with this stunning Elsa-inspired look. For extra fun, add "Let it Go" to your playlist to listen to while you're putting on your makeup.

Cinderella From The Live Action 'Cinderella'

While the original Cinderella will always have your heart, the live action version starring Lily James is also swoon-worthy. You can recreate Lily James' Cinderella look from the film with this makeup tutorial that features makeup from the ColourPop Disney Designer collection.

Tiana From 'The Princess And The Frog'

This Tiana makeup look from The Princess and the Frog is downright stunning. It can even be used for your everyday makeup routine if you want. Hopefully, you have a long-lasting, bold lipstick so that you can enjoy all the beignets and gumbo you want.

Disney Villains

If you're chillin' like a villain, you can always try a Disney villains look to fit your vibe. This video highlights six different makeup looks, including Maleficent, Cruella de Vil, and the Queen of Hearts. Try one or try them all.

Ariel From 'The Little Mermaid'

Be part of Ariel's world by trying this makeup tutorial inspired by The Little Mermaid. This particular makeup look is based on Ariel in her pink dress. But, if you'd rather channel her mermaid look, there are makeup tutorials for that as well.

Disney Channel

This Disney Channel makeup look is seriously cool and colorful. If you've always dreamed of doing one of those "And you're watching Disney Channel" bumpers, now you can with a colorful Disney Channel logo on your face.

Megara From 'Hercules'

You can say you're in love with this Megara look from Hercules. In fact, you might find yourself singing along to the entire soundtrack while you recreate this look at home.

Mulan From 'Mulan'

If you haven't re-watched this classic recently, now is the time. Put it on in the background while you follow along with this Mulan makeup tutorial. Now, if only it were as easy to take off your makeup like Mulan does with one simple swipe.

Vanellope Von Schweetz From 'Wreck-It Ralph'

This sweet look comes from Vanellope von Schweetz from Wreck-It Ralph. Complete with her rosy cheeks and adorable little nose, you'll start to look like a cartoon come to life.

Snow White From 'Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs'

Achieve that "fairest of them all" look with this Snow White makeup tutorial. Of course, the look features the iconic snowy white face and lips as red as the apple that poisoned her.

Moana From 'Moana'

You can achieve Moana's look with this makeup tutorial. Use some waterproof makeup if you really do want to take this look with you to the beach.