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12 Disney IG Story Filters For Capturing All The Magical Moments

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Whenever you can't go to Disney, you might as well bring Disney to you. It's simpler than a wish upon a star thanks to Disney Instagram story filters. With ones that feature Mickey Mouse ears and princess castles, you're sure to find an Instagram filter that adds a little extra pixie dust onto whatever selfie you're about to take. All you need to do is decide which filter is right for your snap.

You can finally find out which Disney character you are or which park you should go to next with a filter that tells you. If you want to show off your sparkly Minnie Mouse ear collection at home, you can use an IG filter that has a pastel colored Mickey Mouse border for the perfect finishing touch. If you and your Disney-loving bestie are about to take a selfie, you can use a filter that puts Cinderella's castle right behind you. Any of these 12 Disney Instagram filters are perfect for those lazy Sundays when you want to show off your cozy Disney spirit jersey while you sip some coffee in your favorite Disney mug.

Just think of Instagram as your fairy godmother, and these filters are the "bibbidi bobbidi boo" to make your snaps sparkle. Unlike Cinderella, though, these filters aren't disappearing at midnight. (Now that's a true dream come true.)

DISNEY by @kristiwhite

Don't have a pair of Mickey ears at home? No problem! You can always wear these Minnie Mouse ears with this adorable DISNEY filter by @kristiwhite. Not only does it give you a sweet Minnie Mouse headband with a red and white polkadot bow for your hair, but also a little Minnie Mouse nose.

disney alien by @deakhoirunnisa

If you're a fan of Toy Story, you know (and are probably obsessed with) those cute little green aliens. This adorable disney alien filter by @deakhoirunnisa puts a little alien on each one of your cheeks for an out of this world highlight for your selfie.

Disney Hits by @disneymusic

Get musical with this Disney Hits filter from @disneymusic. Not only will it tell you which Disney song you are, but it'll start playing it so you can dance around and sing along to your chosen jam like "Colors of the Wind" or "How Far I'll Go."

space mountain ears by @disneyohanablog

If you missed out on getting yourself a pair of Space Mountain Minnie Mouse ears, don't fret. You can still virtually wear them whenever you'd like, thanks to this space mountain ears filter from @disneyohanablog.

Mickeys dourados by @disney_de_novo_blog

Shower yourself in little Mickeys with this Mickeys dourados filter from @disney_de_novo_blog. It features golden Mickeys that fall all around you. This is the perfect filter to use for your foodie pic or sunset snap when you want to add a bit of Disney magic to it.

Disney Parks by @taliecolbourne

You may spend your days dreaming about the next time you can visit one of the Disney parks. By using the Disney Parks filter by @taliecolbourne, you'll find out which Disney park around the world you are. It may even inspire you to plan your next Disney vacay there.

Disney Mood by @at.augmented

You may know what Disney character you are, but do you know your Disney Mood? This filter by @at.augmented will break down your three moods: when you're happy, when you're angry, and when you're sleepy.

DISNEY WORLD by @iaracstina

Not at Disney? No problem. You can still take a selfie in front of Cinderella's castle, thanks to the DISNEY WORLD filter by @iaracstina. It puts a virtual background of Magic Kingdom right behind you, so you can snap a pic in front of the castle whenever you're dreaming of being there.

Moldura Fofa by @disney_de_novo_blog

Pose for a pic with the Mickey to your Minnie, and use this pastel colored Moldura Fofa frame by @disney_de_novo_blog. The filter features colorful pastel Mickeys all over the border. It's especially fitting for any springtime snaps when the flowers outside are in full bloom.

Disney frame by @disney_de_design

Frame your next pic perfectly with the Disney frame filter by @disney_de_design. There's nothing hidden about these Mickeys that border the frame. Use this filter for a lifestyle snap of your Mickey waffle breakfast or #OOTD post in your vintage Mickey sweater.

waffle ears by @disneyohanablog

You can channel your fave Disney treat with this waffle ears filter by @disneyohanablog. They'll make your next selfie as sweet as can be.

Oculos Disney by @bloganap

Look at the world through rose-colored Mickey sunglasses with the Oculos Disney filter by @bloganap. This filter adds pink Mickey Mouse-shaped sunglasses to your face, so you'll be looking fierce with Disney style in your next selfie.

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