12 Date Ideas For When You're Sick, But Really Don't Want To Miss Date Night

Let me start by saying many of the grown men that I know will literally talk about "having a cold" like it's massive world news. They're two steps from making a Facebook life-event stating, "Has A Cold." I can't count the number of times I've had plans with someone, just to have them cancel because of some dingus "cold." All I can say is, from blanket forts to movie marathons — there are plenty of date ideas for when you're sick.

Of course, I joke. It's super important to take care of yourself and your body. If you're not up for a big night out, there is no shame in the chillin-at-home game, with your boo or with your lovely self. When your body's feeling down, it's important to do fun things by yourself. But when date night falls onto the your sick day, you may wonder how to keep up the fun when your love and your temperature are on the rise.

Whether you have a head cold, a sore throat, the stomach flu, or a chronic illness that keeps you closer to home, there's a bunch of low key ways to spend time with your sweetie that don't include lots of physical activity.

Tea For Two

Having a tea party, with fancy finger foods (or GrubHub on the way) can be a cute way to keep it classy and comfy. You can talk in British accents and use a cute tea pot.

Netflix & NyQuil

Put on a boring movie and compete to see who will fall asleep first. Loser has to make breakfast.

Soup's On!
MigosVEVO on YouTube

Make soup, from a can or from scratch. Or make a meal that's easy to make, easy to eat. and feels good when you're sick. This carrot and sweet potato soup is seriously good and wasn't too hard to cook up (like, I could burn water, but this was easy).

Art Night

Make a collage or fill out some coloring books. Spending time doing some low-key art can be fun way to tap into your creative side. Hit up a dollar store to get some cheap materials, and create beautiful work together.

Go on a drugstore date.

Perhaps my childhood in the suburbs, where the only thing open after 9:00 p.m. was CVS, has made me love a drugstore the way that I do. Going to the drugstore together can honestly be a fun date. Stock up on candy, contraceptives, fun body products, and whatever medicine you need. Ride around in the cart. Go crazy.

Bath Time!
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Take a steamy shower or essential oil bath together. The hot water and air may help your sinuses, and the warm water will feel great on aches and pains.

Self care!

If you and you boo are too tall to both fit in a tub (me) you can engage in other body self care. Doing at home face masks or doing each other's hair can be a fun way to be in tune with your body while promoting some self care and body positivity.

Plan a road trip!

If you're stuck at home, spending time planning a fun trip for you and boo can be a good way to pass the time. Whether it's a FaceTime date or IRL, you can pick a fun spot to go, and make the arrangements for a fun weekend away. If an upcoming trip isn't in the budget, plan your dream vacay with your sweetie, or some fun sexy (and free) things you can do when you feel better.

Fire Burning!
Christmas Time on YouTube

Snuggle up by the fire, a group of candles, or even this ten hour-long video of a burning fire, with a bunch of blankets and some hot drinks.

Learn about your love languages.

Have you boo come over for night of quizzes. You can learn about the ways you both express and accept love, your personalities, and of course, your zodiac compatibility.

Read Tarot!

Read each other's tarot cards, and stay in for a night of spiritual fun. Light some candles, set the mood, and talk about the universe in all her forms.

Watch Bad TV
OMG Network on YouTube

You can find most episodes of Rock of Love, Flavor of Love, I Love New York, Charm School, and so, so, many other amazing terrible TV shows on the internet. Watching bad TV together, or shows you used to watch as a kid, is a fun way to spend time with you boo.

There are plenty of fun date ideas for when you're under the weather. From drugstore dates to a bathtub for two, when date night falls on a sick day, there's no need to stress. If you have a big night out planned with your boo, and you're starting to get sick, think of a fun way to modify the love. Just because you have a cold doesn't mean you can't keep it hot.