12 Cool Products So You Can Tech The Halls This Holiday Season

by Kaitlin Cubria and Alexa Mellardo

The 2019 holiday season doesn't only signify the end of the year — it also marks the end of an era and the beginning of a new decade. Like with any fresh start, the year 2020 comes with the need for all-new technology. Fortunately for you (and everyone else on your list), Elite Daily put together a gift guide of the coolest tech products so your halls won't just be decked out — they'll be teched out, too.

Does your bestie love taking pics for the 'Gram? There's a trendy tech product for that. Is your significant other in need of another case for their new AirPods Pro? We picked the cutest option out there, too. What about for your mom, whose 2020 goal is to stay on top of her sleep cycle? Yep, we found an innovative tech product for that, too.

If your presence is requested by your BFF, bae, or your family around the holidays, end the year on a high(-tech) note and give a gift that will spark instant joy no matter who's on the receiving end. It'll make the long winter a little bit merrier, and your loved ones' lives a whole lot brighter.

If your bestie is obsessed with dumplings, this cute pop socket will speak to their dim sum-loving soul. Your best friend will now have a much easier time snapping selfies, and they can even utilize this pop socket as a stand.

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When your friend is on the go, this pretty zippered pouch is the perfect addition to their tote bag. It'll keep their tech products organized and all in one place while being chic enough for the 'Gram.

This Lisa Frank phone case will give you and your friends all the feels. It's complete with a whole "stickerfest" on the back that'll make your day ones swoon.

An instant camera is such a trendy gift for your go-to person. Get it for a friend who'll bring it along on all of their adventures and take the cutest photos. These on-the-go snaps will make the best collages wherever they adventure to.

If you want to give your partner AirPods for the holidays, spring for this boba tea AirPod case — it's total cuteness overload. Whether they’re heading to work or hitting the gym, it'll ensure bae's AirPods are protected.

This mini speaker is not only adorable, but absolutely perfect for when bae wants to entertain. It'll keep those beats going all night long, and it doesn't take up a ton of space, so they can easily place it on the coffee table or on their dresser when it's not in use.

Wireless earbuds are essential for anyone who loves to chat, stream podcasts, and/or listen to music on the go. You can't get much cooler than Skullcandy, and this pair takes the cake.

This compact portable charger will give your device juice when you need it most, because we all know there's nothing worse than when your iPhone runs out of battery — especially when you're in the middle of posting an Instagram Story. Thankfully, gifting someone this portable charger means that will never happen again.

This plug-in indoor camera works with Amazon Alexa. It's super compact, and great for anyone who wants to keep an eye on their pets when they're not home.

A Fitbit is a cool gift if you've got a parent who loves hitting the gym, keeping track of their sleep, going on runs, staying on top of their daily activity, or all of the above. With a sleek design and 24/7 heart-rate tracking capabilities, this bracelet has it all.

Treat someone you love to an Amazon Fire HD Tablet so they can watch movies and stream books when they're jet-setting from one destination to the next. When they're not on the go, they can curl up in bed with their tablet and listen to music.

There's not one person on your list who wouldn't appreciate a new smartphone — especially one that's great for streaming Netflix or taking HQ pics, and has a battery life that lasts for up to two days on a single charge. We recommend giving this necessity to someone you really love — this way you can reap the benefits, too.

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