11 Tweets About Honeymoons​​ That Will Remind You That Life Doesn't Always Go According To Plan

by Ginny Hogan

I'll be honest: The idea of planning a wedding seems exhausting to me. I've always thought of honeymoons as the reward for bravely wearing all-white (if that's what you choose to wear) in front of everyone who's ever been important to me (yes, I will wear a tampon on my wedding day even if there's a zero percent chance I'm on my period. I'm just not a risk-taker). However, these delightful tweets about honeymoons suggest the honeymoon isn't quite as "honey" as it's cracked up to be, especially when things go terribly awry. Still, these couples laughed through it, which means they're probably having the time of the life anyway.

Honeymooning may sound like the ultimate vacation — the perfect excuse to disappear for a while with the LOYL! I personally have planned my dream honeymoon hundreds of times, but I just can't decide between Cabo, Thailand, or The Wizarding World of Harry Potter (I'm a nerd, leave me alone. Unless you'd also like to honeymoon with the Weasleys, in which case, call me). But, like all vacations, there's still room for error on honeymoons, and some Twitter users shared their hilarious stories. Fortunately, they had their partners with them to weather the weather, and now you have a chance to enjoy their perfect storms.

These 11 hilarious tweets will remind you that the sun doesn't care if you're in your "honeymoon phase" — you still need to pack sunscreen!

The Birds & The Bees & The Pizza
katiebakes on Twitter

You can try explaining to birds that you're a newlywed, but they probably won't care. A chance to try a new restaurant, perhaps?

Honeymoon Anywhere
smith31kev on Twitter

You never know what's going to get canceled, but you always know where to find the mimosas. Bottoms up!

Exhausted, But In Love
peterssugartits on Twitter

Just remember to scout out the best lattes if you're all-nighting it! For example, which ones give you an extra shot?

linzdefranco on Twitter

Hearts are red, sunburns are red, roses are red — I'm seeing a trend. It's the color of love, however painful that may be.

Bleeding Love
amberton on Twitter

Well, now you have the rest of your lives together to avoid that food.

Who Wears The Pants
ilovefeathers on Twitter

This is a relief, because I worried after I got married, I'd only be able to borrow one person's pants for the rest of my life. What did the butler wear, though?

Love Wars
chand_allen on Twitter

I mean, maybe you'll meet Princess Leah?

Un-nymoon Phase
alyssalimp on Twitter

The perfect time to take a trip together! Probably on a Greyhound bus, though, since flights are expensive.

Shark Attack!
dannyodwyer on Twitter

Sharks in your backyard? Stop bragging about having a backyard! (I grew up in NYC).

Bright Red
cahnemily on Twitter

Well, at least you have someone to rub on the Aloe Vera.

A Bed Of Love
dmarrinan on Twitter

Why would you want to, though? Get some rest!

Don't get me wrong — there's nothing I want more than to go on a honeymoon. Or just take a vacation. Or take a nap. I don't know, I have a lot of passions. Anyway, these hilarious tweets about honeymoons reminded me that even when you plan to relax and recharge with your new beau, life sometimes gets in the way in the funniest ways possible. Hopefully, these tweets not only give you something to look forward to but also remind you to lather on the sunscreen!