11 'Solo: A Star Wars' Story Easter Eggs You Definitely Missed When You Saw It In Theaters


Our Han Solo origin story is finally here, and it brought with it a ton of tiny details and Easter eggs that any diehard Star Wars fan will be overjoyed to notice. Since Star Wars is one of the largest pop culture entities in the world — spanning four decades of movies, TV shows, and books — it is totally understandable if you did not catch every shoutout or reference in Solo: A Star Wars Story, so you can run through the list of them right here instead. Check out some of the coolest Solo: A Star Wars Story Easter eggs below, so you know what moments to really look out for the next time you rewatch the movie:

1. Han's Dice

Let's talk about the most obvious one first. Even the most casual Star Wars fan knows about Han Solo's golden dice, which hang in the Millennium Falcon throughout the original trilogy. In last year's The Last Jedi, the dice serve as an important piece of memorabilia, which Leia and Luke hold to mourn Han's death. Solo finally shows why those dice have so much meaning to Han: he makes sure to hang them on the windshield of his pod as he escapes his oppressive home world of Corellia, and gives them to his love Qi'ra for luck. She eventually returns the dice to Han before he makes his infamous Kessel run, and they have presumably stayed with him ever since.

2. Bossk


While he may not have actually made an appearance in the movie, the bounty hunter Bossk, who first appeared in The Empire Strikes Back, does get a shoutout towards the beginning of Solo. While planning their heist, Val tells Beckett that they should have hired a proven bounty hunter like Bossk to help them instead of untrained newbies Han Solo and Chewbacca, but Beckett assures his wife that he has a good feeling about the two new recruits. As things turned out... they might have actually been better with Bossk's help.

3. The Valachord

Throughout the movie, Beckett says that his end goal is to retire and leanr to play the valachord, which is described as a musical instrument similar to a keyboard. The instrument actually has more meaning to Beckett than audiences might have realized, because apparently, according to the official guide published alongside the movie, Val was named after the valachord.

4. A Familiar Voice

Only one actor holds the distinction of appearing in every Star Wars movie, and that is C-3PO's voice actor Anthony Daniels. Although Daniels' iconic golden robot does not wobble his way into Solo, Daniels' voice actually does make a small appearance to secure his perfect attendance award. Daniels voices a creature named Tak, whom Chewbacca saves in the Kessel mines.

5. A Sibling Cameo

When Solo brought on Ron Howard as a director, the movie also added his brother Clint Howard as an actor. Ron is known for always including his brother Clint in his movies for a cameo, and Solo is no different. Clint shows up as the man organizing the droid cage match at the cantina where we first meet Lando Calrissian and his impassioned droid L3. His character's name is credited as Ralakili.

6. Aurra Sing


The bounty hunter Aurra Sing gets a mention after the group first meets Lando Calrissian in Solo. Lando quickly recognizes Beckett as the man who killed Aurra Sing, and lowers his buy-in price for the Kessel mission as thanks. Aurra Sing first appeared briefly in The Phantom Menace, and went on to train Boba Fett during the Clone Wars.

7. Chewbacca's Family

Before their train heist, Beckett's crew all talks about what they want to do after making it rich. Chewbacca responds that he just wants to find his family, which is a reference to the poorly received Star Wars Holiday Special that aired a year after A New Hope. That movie showed Chewie returning to his home planet to reunite with his wife Malla and his son Lumpawaroo.

8. Weazel

There is actually another familiar face from Phantom Menace that we see in Solo apart from that big reveal at the end. The weapons dealer Weazel, who we saw betting on Anakin Skywalker in the Phantom Menace podrace, reappears as part of Enfys Nest's band of marauders in Solo. I guess his love of gambling finally put him at odds with the Hutt Cartel, leading him to join up with the criminal-busting gang.

9. Dejarik


The monster-filled, chess-like game of Dejarik seems to come up whenever there are passengers killing time in the Millennium Falcon, and Solo is no exception. After boarding the Falcon for the first time, Beckett beats Chewbacca at the game and he angrily slams the table.

10. Mynocks

Energy-sucking, bat-like creatures known as mynocks were a real pain for Han Solo in The Empire Strikes Back, but in Solo, we learn that they are actually an intergalactic delicacy. Rio Durant mentions that roasting mynocks can make for a tasty treat when Beckett's crew is sitting around the campfire.

11. Jabba's Palace Guard Uniform


When infiltrating the Kessel mines, Beckett poses as a guard by wearing a suit of armor with a very particular-looking helmet. Star Wars fans will definitely recognize the headpiece as the same one that Lando Calrissian wears when sneaking into Jabba's palace in Return of the Jedi. I guess now we know where Lando got that gear.