11 Songs For Sexy Winter Nights By The Fire

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Enjoying your partner's company by the fire is peak wintertime romance. Maybe you two like to sip hot chocolate and make s'mores by a bonfire, or thaw out from a day of sledding, skiing, or simply shoveling a driveway. You peel off your gloves, maybe even your wet clothes, and bask in the glow of the flames together. As you're reminiscing on the day and making plans for the evening, you'll need some sexy songs for winter nights together. Because if you're going to create a sultry atmosphere, you've got to come correct.

The timing is right. You and your partner are alone and can devote your full attention to each other. Watching the fire glint off of each other's faces, all you need now is a bit of mood music. The following songs vary a bit in genre. Some are tender, cleverly NSFW, or a mix of both. But what's consistent throughout this playlist is that these songs are passionate yet melancholy, which make them perfect for winter sex sessions. Listen to these while cozying up, dressing down, and enjoying intimate time together. Here are 11 tracks to set the mood for your steamy, holiday moment. Thank me later!

"F&MU" by Kehlani

There's nothing like Kehlani's warm, syrupy voice to set a seductive winter mood. "F&MU" definitely delivers.

"Warm On A Cold Night" by Honne

The chorus to this song literally says, "you can keep me warm on a cold night." Enough said!

"Roses & Gold" by Biig Piig

If you like groovy, relaxed hip hop, "Roses & Gold" by Biig Piig is the bop for you.

"OKAY" (ft. Dreezy) by tobi lou

"OKAY" by tobi lou and Dreezy will make you want to get up and dance around the fire. Just let it happen!

"Waiting For" (ft. Jamila Woods) by

If you like your hookup bops on the introspective side, listen to "Waiting For" by and Jamila Woods.

"69" by Teyana Taylor

Know your "bonfire-and-chill" session is going to get extra spicy? Stream "69" by Teyana Taylor to solidify the mood.

"Want U Around" (ft. Ruel) by Omar Apollo

Ruel and Omar Apollo's collaboration "Want U Around" is ideal listening for when all you want do is be with your partner.

"Change" (ft. Gabrielle Aplin) by TSHA

Put "Change" by TSHA and Gabrielle Aplin on your sexy fireside winter playlist to infuse it with a bit of playfulness.

"All About You" by Leon Bridges & Lucky Daye

Leon Bridges and Lucky Daye are the kings of mood music. Don't stream this song if you're not ready to makeout for an hour or two.

"HML" (ft. A Boogie Wit da Hoodie) by Melii

"HML" by Melii and A Boogie Wit da Hoodie is just as warm and wonderful as a post-bonfire hookup.

"Nectar" by Raveena

From the lyrics' sensual imagery to the way Raveena's voice floats over the music, "Nectar" is totally a fireside vibe. Pro-tip: Just play Raveena's entire Lucid album to keep the mood going.

When it comes to sexy, wintry, bonfire-worthy bops, take your pick. Whatever combination of songs you choose, you'll feel like you and your SO are living in your own Netflix Original holiday rom-com.

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