11 Movies To Avoid Watching After A Breakup, So You’re Not Constantly Crying

by Korey Lane

If you've been through a bad breakup, you know that getting over it can be rough. When it's really bad, everyday activities start to seem impossible — like going to work or even brushing your teeth. It's a process, and for the most part, it takes time. However, if you're experiencing a surge in emotions and just want to stop crying for a couple of hours, then it's important to keep in mind the movies to avoid watching after a breakup. Because honestly,The Notebook isn't the happy distraction you need right now. Trust.

Personally speaking, I don't really ever like to watch sappy, romantic movies unless I'm in a sappy, romantic mood. That being said, you might not always know which movies will hit you right in the feels. Especially after a breakup, you'll want more comfort than anything else. So pop that popcorn, grab the ice cream, and open that bottle of wine you've been saving. If you just got dumped (or even if you did the dumping!), you've earned the right to do nothing except eat your heart out, sit in bed and watch movies until you physically can't anymore.

You do you, girlfriend. Couch potato your heart away. But steer clear of the following movies. They won't help you heal. Trust.


OK, I know, it's Amy Schumer and the previews are funny. But if you've never seen this movie, be warned: It has a twist that will make you bawl.

"To All The Boys I Loved Before"

Does this even need an explanation? This Netflix original rom-com is seriously sweet, but probably not what you want to watch after going through a breakup.

"The Last Song"

Really, this could just say Anything Nicholas Sparks, and it would apply the same. No one needs to watch heartbreak for the sake of watching heartbreak, especially if you're going through heartbreak yourself.

There might come a time when you think crying to a movie will help the healing process. This is false. Crying and watching The Last Song or The Notebook or Dear John will only make things worse, so don't say I didn't warn you.

"Definitely, Maybe"

Now, this may be a funny movie staring Ryan Reynolds and goddess Isla Fischer, but it's still a tear-jerker.

"The Fault In Our Stars"

This is the saddest film of all time. Run, don't walk, in the other direction.

"Remember Me"

I lied. This is the saddest movie of all time. It'll hit you right in the feels in more ways than one. A sweet romance, a plot twist, and a ton of devastation means an entire box of tissues for one movie. Don't do it.

"Me Before You"

Ugh, this movie is one hell of an emotional rollercoaster, complete with a ridiculously attractive cast and ending designed to make you lose it.


Do we even need to go over why this is a bad idea?

"About Time"

First of all, this movie is super underrated, so if you're ever not in the midst of post-breakup life and want to check it out, go for it because it's amazing. But if you're experiencing heartbreak, it's best to stay away from this one.

"Call Me By Your Name"

Not only is this movie gorgeous and tragic, but it also introduced the world to Timothée Chalamet, which... thank god. But it might be a good idea to leave this one for a day when you aren't stalking your ex on Instagram.

"Silver Linings Playbook"

This movie is quirky, sure, but it's also pretty dang emotional. It deals with mental health issues while portraying a sweet love story at the same time. Long story short, you're going to cry, so stay away.

All of these movies are amazing, and would totally be fine to watch any other time. But if you're in the middle of a breakup and are already running high on emotions, try watching standup comedy instead, or maybe a happy-go-lucky sitcom like Modern Family. You deserve a distraction from the real world, but these movies aren't the way to do it.

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