11 Lovely Mother's Day Gifts That Your Partner's Mom Would Really Appreciate

Holidays become doubly exciting — and, truthfully, doubly complicated — any time you're in a relationship. You have to divvy up your time between two households, often kiss the cheeks of a million and one distant relatives you barely know, and, of course, invest in gifts for twice the amount of people. Mother's Day is no exception, which is where this list of Mother's Day gifts for your partner's mom might come in handy.

Gifts for moms can get pretty tricky, especially when they're not for your own flesh and blood. You have to find a present that showcases your thoughtfulness and generosity, but not one that looks like you're secretly trying to buy their approval. And, depending on how well you know your partner's mom, that can be a challenging line to walk.

If you guys are still in the very early days of dating, I'd suggest going the simple route and just picking up a bouquet of flowers (or maybe an orchid? moms love orchids) at your local florist. Or, if you're adventurous in the kitchen, whip up a batch of cookies and call it a day — Mother's Day, that is.

If you feel your relationship with your SO's mom is past the point of bouquets and baked goods, but you're still not totally sure what to get her this year, don't worry, I've got some ideas! Here are 11 gifts that will absolutely show your partner's parents what a keeper you are. Because, well, you really are a keeper.

For The Out-Of-Towners

If your SO's mom lives further away — and you're as terrible at making it to the post office on-time as I am — consider sending a pre-packaged gift from a company like Knack or Greetabl.

Both will handle the grunt of wrapping, packing, and shipping your gift off (notes included, of course!), but in a much more personalized and adorable fashion than the brown cardboard boxes of Amazon.

Greetabl packages also encourage you to include photos with your gift, so if you've got a ton of cute vacation shots of your boyfriend or girlfriend that you know their mom would love to see, you can throw those in, as well!

Gift packages from both sites vary in price and size, but here are a couple of ideas (for those looking to splurge or save).

If You Two Always Talk Politics

Politics may have been a taboo topic in years past, but women are discussing (and tackling!) issues in that arena more now than ever before. Per Beyoncé's request, we've gotten in formation.

With that in mind, if you and your partner's mom have proudly attended marches together and are always down to talk politics and pantsuits, why not get her a gift that celebrates that fact, while simultaneously celebrating the badass women who are driving this conversation?

For The "Pics Or It Didn't Happen" Mom

A few of my friends have partners whose moms are constantly asking for pictures (one friend will literally get texts from her boyfriends mom requesting, "Pictures of him in his new suit tonight!"). If this sounds eerily familiar, why not have a few of your your greatest photographic hits framed or printed for your SO's mom? She'll love the keepsake, and love you for, well, taking those pictures of their son or daughter in ~that new suit.~

For The Entertainers

Last but not least, if your SO's mom is all about entertaining — throwing dinner parties, hosting book clubs, planning cookie exchanges, etc. — why not give her something that will truly make her feel like the Hostess with the Mostest? Whether it's a fancy bottle of wine or a charming tea set, these presents will show her that you admire her party-planning side (and who wouldn't love that?).

Moms are the best, after all. And each of these gifts will show your boyfriend or girlfriend's mom that you think they're the best, too.