10 Ways To Navigate Celebrating Mother's Day With Your SO's Family


If you're a girlfriend, you are fully aware of the anxiety that comes around every Mother's Day. Do you acknowledge it? Do you ignore it? Do you get on a plane to Dubai and flee the country?

While there are so many options to take into consideration, celebrating Mother's Day with your significant other can be awkward AF, especially if the two of you aren't engaged yet.

Here are 10 ways to navigate your SO's mother this Mother's Day:

1. You're part of the family.

Keep in mind that his mom wants to spend to spend time with her kids. If you've been in the family for a while, that probably includes you. Don't hesitate to go out with the family for steak and chardonnay, or spend the day at the family home. The important thing here is to be supportive of your significant other and his desire to shower his mom with attention.

2. Don't buy a card.

Unless you're married or are living with your SO, buying a card for Mother's Day is weird because she's not your mom. Wait until she's your mother-in-law, and then buy the traditional joint card. A nice gesture is to bring her flowers, or something small to acknowledge the day without crossing that presumptuous line.

3. Sing your SO's praises.

Acknowledge what a terrific son or daughter she has. Let her know how respectful, loyal and downright hilarious your SO is. She'll love hearing that her child is not only a decent human being, but that her child is also dating someone who loves him or her for who he or she is.

4. Don't ignore it.

Even if the two of you have only been together for several months, you should tell her you hope she had a good Mother's Day the next time you see her. Even if you don't see her for several weeks after the fact, wish her the best.

5. Invite her out for a day on the town.

Bring your SO's mom out to the city for the day, or invite her to try the new brunch place you've been craving. You'll be in an inviting atmosphere as opposed to a stuffy living room, wondering what you should say.

6. Let your SO spend the day with her.

Mother's Day is best spent reminiscing about childhood memories, laughter and enjoying quality time with one another. Don't feel slighted that you aren't there participating. Go hang out with your own mother, and let your SO shower his or her mother with undivided attention without feeling guilty for "abandoning" you.

7. Pay her a compliment.

Let her know you appreciate all the times she's welcomed you into her family. Let her know how grateful you are for all the times she showed you how to cook her best dish, or even thank her for being accepting of you. A kind word goes a long way.

8. Surprise her with a home-cooked meal.

Try out that recipe for pulled pork she printed out for you and swore you'd eventually make, but never did. Use this day as a way to remind her you appreciate her culinary tips.

9. Chip in on the group gift.

If your SO and the rest of his or her siblings want to buy her a necklace she's been eyeing, chip in for the cost and show some appreciation by getting her something you all know she'll love. The gesture will not go unnoticed.

10. Don't be awkward.

Mother's Day can be a nerve-racking time for those in the dating phase. But at the end of the day, she's welcomed you into her home, cooked you some meals, laughed at your terrible stories and loves you because you are what makes her child happy. That's reason enough to be kind. Buy her something sweet, and let her know she's a wonderful woman.