11 Lesbian Couple’s Costumes On Amazon That Are Scary Affordable

Hear me out: The best part of being in a relationship during cuffing season isn't the snuggling, cuddling, or emotional support. It's the opportunity to celebrate Halloween with your special someone. Spooky season is ripe with romance — pumpkin patch dates with hot apple cider, braving a haunted house hand-in-hand with your lover, horror movies made for nuzzling your face into your partner's chest. If you and your lady (or theydie) are looking for the perfect fits to wrap up your month of macabre fun, there are some cute lesbian couple’s costumes on Amazon that'll do the trick.

As you probably know, sapphic couple's costumes rarely come in sets the way heterosexual couple's costumes do. But that doesn't mean you can't stick it to the hetero-patriarchy, get creative, and rustle up something cute for you and your partner.

Below, you'll find couples whose relationships saw ups and downs across seasons, people whose love was ill-fated from the start, and of course, iconic partners that serve as an inspiration to you and your boo. Whatever you and your partner are in the mood for this Halloween, here are 10 queer couple's costumes inspired by your favorite TV shows and films.

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Clarke & Lexa from 'The 100'

The CW does a great job of featuring queer couples in their shows. Dress like Clexa from The 100 with a quilted motorcycle jacket for Clarke and a warrior queen outfit for Lexa. (Don't forget the smoky black eyeshadow, of course.)

Thelma & Louise from 'Thelma & Louise'
Brittany & Santana from 'Glee'

Brittany and Santana were a life-changing queer couple for many millennials, so do it for high school or middle school you, and don your best red cheer costume to rep these two.

Callie & Arizona from 'Grey's Anatomy'

Has anyone put you through heartbreak like Callie and Arizona did on Grey's Anatomy? I didn't think so. All you really need are scrubs to pull this one off.

Velma & Daphne from 'Scooby-Doo'
Héloïse & Marianne from 'Portrait Of A Lady On Fire'

According to the Portrait of A Lady On Fire costume designer, the dresses in the film weren't made to be historically accurate, so no pressure to purchase a totally authentic ball gown. What's important is that you and your partner wear red or green dresses and bring your "longing gaze" A-game.

Eve and Villanelle from 'Killing Eve'

Vilanelle's fits are as heart-stopping as her murderous antics. Any pairing of fashion week flex for Villanelle and dark business for Eve could work when dressing up as these two. Lucky for you, there is a replica of Villanelle's stand-out Parisian look on Amazon. The general deadly demeanor is something you'll have to come up with on your own.

Cheryl Blossom & Toni Topaz from 'Riverdale'

If you and your partner are Riverdale fans, you're in luck. Amazon has plenty of Southside Serpents gear — plus a pink and brown ombre wig that looks just like Toni's hair. If nothing else, be sure to grab an auburn wig and break out the red lip for Cheryl!

Poison Ivy & Harley Quinn from The DC Universe

Little known fact: Poison Ivy & Harley Quinn actually dated in the comics. Channel your inner bad b*tches by dressing up as these super cute super villains for Halloween. Whether you go for classic cinematic lesbians, or the new guard of sapphic icons, you and your partner are bound to look hot on All Hallow's Eve.