11 Funny GIFs To Send Your Tinder Match When Words Don't Do Your Thoughts Justice

by Alison Segel

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. If that's true, then how many words is a GIF worth? I'm not good at math, but it's probably a lot. When you're flirting online with the future love of your life and potential soulmate, the perfect GIF can help differentiate you from the rest of the meat market that is online dating and score you that IRL hang out you've been waiting for. But what are some funny GIFs to send that person you've been crushing on? Well, there's a pic for every occasion. And I've done the research to figure out which ones are best.

It's always good to have a GIF or two at your disposal. In fact, I have a whole folder on my iPhone just full of them. And thankfully, Tinder has them ready for your use, too, with a handy-dandy moving picture keyboard. When you don't know what to say, a GIF can do all the talking for you. And a lot of times, I don't know what to say, especially when I'm trying to impress someone and that someone is a hot stranger.

So here are some funny GIFs to send your Tinder match when words don't do your thoughts justice. Because a GIF is worth 275,489 words. (I finally did the math.)

1. When You Need An Opener

If you don't know what to say to that cutie you've matched with, then why not go with an old fashioned how YOU doin? Openers can be hard, and breaking the ice is awkward. Sometimes, a GIF is all you need to get the conversation started.

2. When They Say Something Cute

Or you can just use this GIF for everything. This is the best GIF I have ever seen in the whole entire world. This GIF for president.

3. When You're Offended

Did your match say something to piss you off? Are they getting fresh? Are they attempting to sext? Hit them with a GIF of Rihanna to put them in place. Rihanna cures everything.

4. When You'll See Them Later

If you're ending the conversation, your match has to BRB, you've exchanged numbers and are moving to text, or you have finally made a plan to meet IRL and are gonna hang later, then send this little rascal to your Tinder swipe.


5. When You've Been Social Media Stalking

Did you lurk on your match's social media, and now, you know everything about their life? Did you accidentally make mention of a trip they went on three years ago, even though they haven't told you about it yet?

Well, shoot them this Kim Kardashian spying GIF. We're all guilty of a little stalking now and then.

6. When They're The Hottest Person You've Ever Seen

My favorite catchphrase. If you've matched with a true smoke show, let them know. A little flattery will get you everywhere. That's hot.

7. When You're Over It

I am currently messaging with a guy who has not asked me out yet and is the most boring person I have messaged with in the history of mankind. I am tempted to write him saying, "YOU ARE THE MOST BORING PERSON IN THE HISTORY OF MANKIND," but instead, I just sent him this GIF. Can't wait to see how he responds!

8. When You've Come Across Them Before

Have you ever matched with someone on Tinder, whom you have also matched with on every other dating app known to man? It's embarrassing. Instead of saying it out loud, just send them this GIF. It's better than plainly acknowledging you're both desperate singles.

9. When You're Waiting For Them To Ask You Out

Hellooooo! Are you looking for a significant other or a pen pal?

10. When They Make You Laugh

If "LOL" doesn't do it, then send a GIF of this lizard (gecko? chameleon? dinosaur?) hehehehe'ing instead. Iz cute, right?

11. When They're Not Responding

I once totally forgot about my messages with a guy, and he sent me this GIF, and it got me to respond. It's not that I didn't like him, but I had so many messages going at once, and it's easy for relationships on apps to fall to the back burner. If you think someone might have forgotten about you, send them a GIF of someone peering through a window or looking with binoculars. It might get the convo rolling again.

If you're hard pressed for words to say, just send a GIF instead. Sometimes, that's all you need to get your crush's attention.

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