These best animal face filters on Instagram will have you feeling wild.

These Wild IG Filters Will Turn You Into Your Favorite Animals

danm/Moment/Getty Images

Whether you're sending your friends direct messages or uploading to your Stories, augmented reality (AR) filters will seriously up your game on the 'Gram. Instagram has a ton of filters available that are similar to some of the ones you've seen on Snapchat, including some adorable animal filters. Here are 11 best animal face filters on Instagram to make your Stories wild.

Animal face filters started to gain popularity after the infamous cat face filter trend began to go viral. Now, you can find a variety of animal face filters on your social media platforms, including exotic choices like a leopard and an elephant. To find specific filters on Instagram, go to your Stories camera. Next scroll all the way to the right of the filter bar and you’ll see a button that says “Browse Effects.” Tap on Browse Effects and this brings up Instagram's Effect Gallery.

From the Effect Gallery, you can search for any filter you’re looking for. To search, select the magnifying glass in the top right corner of the screen. You can also try selecting the "Animals" tab in the Effects Gallery to browse there. Once you find a filter you like, tap "Save Effect" to save it to your IG camera.

1. "Happy Dog" filter

Created by @weslley200998, the "Happy Dog" filter puts a dog face paint over your face, with your eyes and lips showing, but nothing else. The dog overlay looks like it's happy or smiling.


2. "Cat Face" filter

This cat face filter by @rian.midori27 is on point, with a tabby cat face that offers two different colors: grey and orange. To change the color, tap the screen.


3. "Cat" filter

This cat filter created by @life_gorbunov gives you some life-like ears and a gray-brown tabby shade.


4. Llama face filter

The "Blue llama filter" from @adjustcom features moving llama ears and a fuzzy nose and mouth. The filter is static aside from the ears though, so it may be better for photos rather than video.


5. The "AnimalHead-Lion" filter

Created by @bma_japan, this filter puts a giant lion head over your face, so your features don't show at all except for your eyes. But you can control the lion's mouth by moving your own.


6. Leopard filter

The "Leopard Features" filter from @coolearthaction gives you a leopard face surrounded by a frame of leaves. If you open your mouth, you'll also see that it's full of leaves.


7. "Bulldog" filter

"Bulldog" is an official Instagram filter, and instead of an AR facepaint, you get cute French Bulldog ears and a nose, plus it distorts your features to look more dog-like. When you smile, the ears move back like they would on a dog.


8. Instagram's "Kitten" filter

Like the Bulldog filter, the Kitten filter is the work of the official Instagram team. This gives you a cat nose and whisker, and ears that move, along with the option to put AR makeup on.


9. Elephant filter

Another filter creation from @bma_japan, this is a sizable elephant head that takes up much of your camera frame, but looks awesome. If you move your move, the ears flap.


10. Wolf filter

The "Wolf Face with ears" filter by @kennygraphic puts a cartoon-style wolf face over yours and includes some furry ears.


11. "Tiger" filter

This tiger face paint filter is from @panggilacongaja and features a face paint style tiger face that replaces everything but your eyes and lips.