10 Worst Gifts For Girls, According To Actual Girls

Everyone knows you're not supposed to say you don't like a gift, no matter how much you fantasize about taking a match to it. If you're like Rachel on Friends, you probably exchange every gift you get — making you the most hated Secret Santa pick — just to avoid hurting anyone's feelings because it's the thought that counts. Cute as that might be, it doesn't necessarily compensate for a bad gift. Some of the worst gifts for girls will definitely leaving you wondering if any thought went into the gift-giving process at all.

I still vividly remember the worst gift I've ever received from a partner. It was a silver necklace with what I assumed was supposed to be a heart-shaped pendant in the middle. Except, the pendant looked a lot more like a kidney bean than a heart. In fact, it even sort of resembled an anatomical heart. I spent several days trying to figure out if it was actually meant to be something else.

Nevertheless, I could tell that gift meant a lot to the person who had given it to me and, for that reason, I wore it all the time. It was heavy and odd but I didn't really care. It definitely wasn't as weird as the heart-shaped bar of soap I received from a different partner a few years later. To be fair, the soap smelled amazing and I actually repurchased it for myself several times that year.

Sure, they weren't the best gifts ever, but neither of these gifts compares to the absolute horrors these 10 girls have endured. All I'm saying is, you can't go wrong with a puppy for Christmas.

Obviously, no thought went into this gift.

Received a digital picture frame for Christmas from my boyfriend at the time, 2 years into our relationship. Turned it on, and it had pictures of him and his ex loaded on it... Regifting fail.

- somethingprofoundish

This is definitive proof that regifting is never a good idea.

When I was about 14 I once had a boyfriend give me a bracelet with some sort of charm on it. When I noticed it had a name engraved on it that was very clearly not mine he tried to claim it was a family heirloom and that was his grandmas name. That boy was so full of crap. Haha. His mom did give me a really nice gift basket full of lotions and stuff..it was a very short relationship.

- pizzaismytruelove

Another thoughtless disaster.

Not receiving one.

- Chrystal, 24

Wow. Just wow.

Nothing. But not only was it nothing, it was nothing and I later saw that my husband's affair partner texted him while he was out shopping for my gift and told him that he better not buy me anything.

- AllysWorld

Did this guy just buy a gift for himself?

One year my (now ex) boyfriend bought me a deck of Magic: The Gathering Cards. I had absolutely no interest in them prior to receiving them, and then he refused to teach me how to play the game. He took them with him when we broke up.

- FortLagomorph

I know I said puppies are great but this is a little odd.

One time a guy gave me a stuffed corgi and corgi socks alongside a corgi card. The present itself wasn't bad, and it was honestly a little cute. The thing was that I had NEVER mentioned liking corgis (I do, but they're not my favorite dog breed or anything), so it was a bit strange.

- aj0y

Well, that's... different.

I happy meal Barbie. For my 20th birthday. From my boyfriend. It wasn't intended to be ironic.

- RubixRube

Never underestimate the power of Instagram.

my ex once sent me flowers to my job after I was upset because he had been erasing texts between him and his female coworker. worst gift ever. not because I hate flowers, but because on her instagram I saw she had also received similar flowers to mine lmao

- metoothanks__

Nothing says, "Welcome to the family," quite like this. Although the gift was thoughtful, the delivery was not.

I had an ex buy me lingerie and we opened gifts at his family's house with all of his brothers and sisters and his parents. The gift itself was nice but the experience was humiliating!

- Ky, 27

I hope this guy gets coal for Christmas every year for the rest of his miserable life.

So my (now ex) boyfriend decided it would be a fantastic idea to put on a massive show at my family Christmas by getting me tickets to a musical I have wanted to see since I was little girl. He hadn't actually bought the tickets yet, but had a super cool set up for the gift. It was a mask like the one from phantom of the opera, accompanied by a printed out poster of the dates it was in my town. I was so excited I cried from happiness. He got major brownie points with my whole family. Then later on that night he told me he would buy the tickets, but only if I managed to lose 15 pounds. I'm not by any means overweight at all. 5'5 120 pounds at the time, I mean perhaps I could tone up a little but nothing major. Anyways I had never been more devastated in my life. I think the worst part about it was he had known I had a pretty bad eating disorder in high school, and doing something like that would trigger it. We broke up about 3 months after that. I did eventually get to see phantom of the opera this summer with my current boyfriend who isn't an emotionally abusive POS.

- SnarkyUnicorn

Buying gifts for girls is simple. As longas your gift proves that you're thoughtful and kind, I'm pretty much sold and I think most girls would agree. Plus, we are more than happy to provide you with a detailed list of options if you're short on ideas. Just ask.

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