White Sneakers Will Never Not Be Cool, So Here Are 10 Of The Best For This Summer

As much as I'm trying to push myself to try out all of the crazy cool, over-the-top footwear trends that are about to be everywhere this season, I keep coming back to wanting a new pair of the most standard kicks of all. "White sneakers for summer 2019" has been searched way too many times on my MacBook in 2019 alone but what can I say—they go with literally everything! And with all of the new sneaker silhouettes that have cropped up over the past few years I think it's finally time to give my Vans Old Skools the occasional rest and swap them out for a light and bright monochromatic stand-in instead.

I remember when the white sneaker craze was born. I was working at a big New York magazine and every editor seemed to be wearing them with their floral dresses and their wide-leg trousers within a week of seeing them on every other street style star's feet. I blame (read: thank) Céline (old Céline, hence the accent) for the casual sneaker-gone-high fashion moment, which is still happening today.

No matter your sartorial taste, it's time for you to hop on the trend too or to re-up your white sneaker arsenal. Below are 10 pairs of the freshest footwear out there to help get you started.

Classic Cool

Like the white sneaker trend, Nike Air Force's will never not be cool.

You're Complicated

Between its translucent heel, cutouts, overlaid fabrics, and overall structure, this shoe has a lot going on. That's impressive, considering it's entirely white. Monochromatic doesn't mean boring and this style proves it.

Ride Or Die

Okay, okay, so I included the all-white version of my favorite shoe on Earth. What can I say? But along with an all-white color palette, this shoe was also upgraded by cool stud-like details added along the outsole.

In Contrast

Mix a little cream into a white sneaker and you've got a very subtle yet impactful (contrasting, I know) color palette. It gets even more interesting when unique cutouts are involved.

Tread Heads

If you're into the chunky sneaker trend then this behemoth of a shoe is for you. It's basically a monster truck in footwear form and I mean that as a badass compliment.

High Times

Platform sneakers boast that classic '90s vibe that makes any outfit feel instantly cool. Bonus when they're Supergas.

Stick To It

These velcro sneakers are about twenty times chicer than the ones I wore in elementary school but they boast that same easy-on, easy-off appeal. Gotta love it!

Low Rider

Converse collaborated with Jack Purcell on these sleek leather kicks and they couldn't be any more covetable.


Keds really stepped up their sneaker game with these, no? The two-tone upper complete with a perforated toe is all kinds of stylish.

Bumper to Bumper

If the above Fila shoe is the monster truck of footwear this sneaker is the bumper car. Featuring a thick rubber tread with a flat bottom, it'll definitely keep your feet well protected.