10 Ways To Set Your Spirit Free & Live Your 20s Completely Carefree

I don't know about you, but some people have a love-hate relationship with their 20s. This is mostly because there are so many factors that can interfere with your happiness during the first real decade of adulting. It doesn't matter where you're at in your 20s as you read this, because it's never too late to find out ways to set your spirit free and live any part of this decade completely carefree.

It's all about balance, which might have seemed almost impossible to do until you were actually doing it. Between your job, finances, social circles, and finding yourself, it's OK to experience a few hiccups along the way. The key is to not let all of the countless responsibilities of your 20s be all that you are. Your job may simply be something you do for income, and you truly define yourself by what you're passionate about — whether that may be a blogger, musician, artist, or something else. And if you don't like labels? That's cool, too.

Your spirit is transcendent, and it is reflected in everything you say or do. It's not something you can touch or see, but it requires some TLC, so you can live your best life in your 20s and the years to follow. Your spirit will be freer than ever if you consider these 10 ways to let it soar.

Don't Let Your Bank Account Control Your Mood

You paid all of your bills, but now, you don't have a whole lot left in the bank to do much else. Don't let this get you down. You're creative, and can draw inspo from the days when you didn't even have a job but found countless ways to entertain yourself. Money is going to come and go, especially because you're a hard worker who loves to live in the moment.

Take Breaks From Social Media

Scrolling through your social media feed has become a popular pastime these days. Sure, bookmarking tropical vacation pictures may be fun, but it can also get pretty exhausting trying to keep up with the lives of old friends and celebrities. Unplugging helps you detach from the digital world and be part of the real one.

Ditch Making Plans In Advance And Live In The Moment

Making plans and going according to a schedule is one habit you should consider breaking. Sure, it's nice to know what's headed your way, but it's so invigorating letting plans and moments unfold naturally. That's sort of the definition of being carefree, after all.

Say What You Mean And Mean What You Say

Speaking your mind is essential in your 20s. You're not always going to agree with everyone, and you have a right to voice your own beliefs. Be honest with yourself and your loved ones, and you'll never have to worry about keeping up with a lie.

Back Away From Gossip And Negative Energy

Oh, gossip. It can be entertaining to watch on television, but it is a big waste of time in the real world. Not only that, but there's so much negativity that comes along with it. You can't have a free spirit if you're tied down or surrounded by negative energy. Run, skip, hop, or jump away from it if you have to.

Cut Ties From Those Who Give Little And Take Too Much

You can be the most giving person on the planet, but sooner or later, you will be spent from not getting much in return. You aren't looking for handouts, but whatever time and energy you put into someone, it should be reciprocated. Don't let anyone mooch off of your generosity.

Practice Forgiveness, Even If It's Difficult

Forgiveness allows you to move on and keeps you from holding any grudges. I'm not saying it's going to be easy every time — accepting an apology or not getting one at all — but when you forgive, you can start the healing process. Holding on to old beef won't allow you to be carefree or grow.

Be Your Own Person

Shaping your identity is one of the main things you're doing in your 20s. You don't need to conform to a clique or lifestyle that you don't want to. Who you are or who you're trying to be should be your choice, every step of the way.

Don't Compare Yourself To Other People

Comparing yourself to other people is so poisonous. It not only crumbles your self-esteem, but you're more likely to end up in a negative mindset — so don't go there. Accept that everyone's life is different, and embrace the unique path you're walking down.

Celebrate Every Victory

Did you finally figure out how to change a tire or get your never-ending to-do list done? Give yourself a major applause. Celebrating even the tiniest victories in your life is so important.

Now, you are likely well on your way to setting your spirit free. All you needed to do was loosen your grip on the things that are holding you down.