10 Romantic Nail Art Ideas You'll Love More Than Your Own Valentine

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Wearing your heart on your sleeve is such a cliché, so this Valentine's Day, wear it on your nails. Whether you want to drop hints about a ring, are nervous someone forgot about the day that literally comes every year, or just want to look fierce and fabulous, there is a plethora of nail art designs to inspire your V-Day look. From classic heart designs to something more out-of-the-box, I've got you covered with chic Valentine's Day nail art ideas below.

Nothing makes me feel more put-together and confident than a freshly painted, un-chipped manicure, so you know I'm carrying that mentality into my Valentine's Day manicure. As a chronic single lady, I like to take the romantic holiday and make it all about loving myself, and nothing says treat yourself like a new manicure. There is an abundance of Valentine's iconography, so whether you prefer diamonds, chocolate, or old-fashioned color-blocking, there is a Valentine's Day nail design for you — and you'll want to keep rocking it well after the heart-eyes wear off.

Valentine's Day Nail Art Idea: Seeing Red

If you're looking for a style you can do yourself, but still get asked on the street where you got your nails done, peep the negative space design above. With only some well-place swoops of red, you can look salon-pampered without leaving the confines of your home.

Valentine's Day Nail Art Idea: Candy Hearts

Of course, nothing beats the classic heart motif for V-Day. While, personally, my shaky hands could never handle such a precise nail job, it's possible to complete this look on your own. Just make sure you wait for the base coat to dry before adding the hearts with a very thin brush and a dotting pen tool.

Valentine's Day Nail Art Idea: Jet-Black Heart

Jean Baptiste Lacroix/WireImage/Getty Images
Jean Baptiste Lacroix/WireImage/Getty Images

If you love Valentine's Day, but pinks and reds are a little too bright for your taste, look to To All the Boys I've Loved Before star Lana Condor for inspiration. At the premier of the rom-com's sequel, To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You, Condor rocked some black-and-white nails with subtle, tiny black hearts.

Valentine's Day Nail Art Idea: All That Glitters

Hoping for glittery gifts this Valentine's Day? Drop a hint with some sparkle on your nails. By decking your nails out in chunky glitter rhinestones, there will be no confusion about what you love. Not to mention, they'll already match any new jewelry you may or may not be sporting.

Valentine's Day Nail Art Idea: Sweet Treat

Let's not forget the other big V-Day present: sweets. If you are most looking forward to a big box of chocolates, you can make your nails look just like the fanciest of gold wrappings with a bit of gold leaf around the edges.

Valentine's Day Nail Art Idea: Love You Long Time

Want a manicure that transcends the lover's holiday? A simple, glossy, red-French-Tip mani with tiny hearts at the cuticle line is a fun, eye-catching way to show your support for the holiday... and wear it for the next two months (if you so choose) after.

Valentine's Day Nail Art Idea: Happily Ever After

If you're a true romantic, love a classic look, or Beauty and the Beast was your fave Disney movie growing up, stained-glass roses are a gorgeous, unique way to decorate your nails. Definitely not a simple nor usual nail decoration, these nails immediately evoke fairy-tale levels of romance. You just might need a professional's help with this one.

Valentine's Day Nail Art Idea: Bubbles On Bubbles

If you love a little sparkle, but don't want your whole nail to look like a disco ball, go for a bubbly look instead. A bit of glitter at the base of your nail immediately conjures up images of fizzy champagne — otherwise known as the unofficial drink of Valentine's Day (to someone, probably).

Valentine's Day Nail Art Idea: Pearly White

Diamonds may be a girl's best friend, but there is something to be said about timeless pearls. They are the epitome of class — not to mention super trendy at the moment. Whether you find a few little pearls to add to your nails or add a generous dollop of white carefully to mimic jewel, your fingers will drip elegance.

Valentine's Day Nail Art Idea: Block It Out

Tried-and-true color-blocked nails are always cute. You can choose all different shades of pink, throw in some reds, or even add some gold — the possibilities are endless. So grab your favorite V-Day shades and get wild with it. With so many cute options to try on your nails this Valentine's Day, you're sure to fall in love with at least one nail art style.

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