10 Low-Key Valentine's Day Ideas In A Long-Term Relationship That Are Still Thoughtful

by Lily Rouff

So you've been with your SO for so long that it feels like you've gone through a thousand Valentine's Days together. Yeah, I totally know what that feels like (cue tiny violin). While it is envy-inducing that you guys have made it into the bliss that is loving stability, there's no jealousy over the fact that being creative with a holiday dedicated to love is a trying task. I mean, how many varieties of flowers are out there? Lucky for you, having been single for six years, I have fresh-flowing juices for Valentine's Day ideas in a long-term relationship.

When you have been with someone forever, it's really easy to fall into mundane patterns with your partner (OK, I wasn't always single...), so taking the time to use those years of knowledge and deep understanding to treat your partner to something truly awe-inspiring will show them that the spark is still very alive. It won't even take all that much effort, considering you know your SO probably even better than you know yourself at this point. Here are some low-key winners that'll even put Cupid to shame.

1. Rent A Fancy Car (And Drive Into The Sunset)

Assuming you guys don't actually have it all (i.e. you're totally in love and wealthy AF), pretending to be super fancy for the night is a fun, and hopefully real, glimpse into the future. #Goals. Renting a bougie car and taking it out for a fun drive, even day of, is super simple through sites like Kayak.

2. Create A Custom Game

One of the cutest gift ideas I've ever seen was a game of Guess Who? that was customized with pictures of all the friends and family in a couples' life and clues to go along with them. So create your own game that reflects the life you share together — low on cost, but high in sentiment.

3. Set Up A Photo Shoot

When was the last time you guys actually made an effort to take great pictures together? Now, you just need some Instagram captions to go with these glam shots.

4. Go On A Date With The Parents

Invite your parents, their parents, or all the parents out for dinner. Not only is it likely they will all be super stoked, but your partner will see the sweet (but simple) effort you are making to involve family in your union.

5. Make A Relationship Collage

Maybe the family thing isn't for you guys, though. Another idea is to print out a bunch of photos from your time together, grab some old relics we call magazines (any drug store should have them), paper and a glue stick, and get collaging. It shouldn't take very long to create something that reflects how amazing your bond is. (Art is subjective, after all.)

6. Attend A Private Nude Drawing Class

Your SO's bod has always been exciting to you, but after all this time, why not find a new way to show them how much you love every little detail?

7. Make It A Gym Date

Working out gets your endorphins flowing, which boosts your libido. That's just science. If you're both into fitness, join forces to build up a sweat in the gym that'll likely lead to a second workout in the bedroom.

8. Write A Love Letter

The art of penmenship has largely been lost, which is a tragedy since love letters are one of the most romantic gestures. Grab a pen and some paper, and just let your heart do the talking.

9. Cook A Nostalgic Dinner

Taste and smell hold a lot of nostalgic value for most people, so why not prepare a meal for your partner that has some meaning? Cook their favorite dish from childhood or the meal you ate on your first date. They say food is the way to a man's heart... but I'd say it's the way to anyone's heart.

10. Foster A Puppy (Or Kitten)

Admittedly, fostering a puppy is not all that low-key; training and caring for a little animal is a lot of work. That being said, all that love and bonding time (and do-good energy) will make it feel like a completely breezy task.

The most important thing to remember when thinking of Valentine's Day ideas to wow your partner of oh-so-long is to focus on what matters to them. Tap into all that experience you have together, and it'll be easy to figure out something incredible that won't break the bank or require too much time.

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