10 Things Your Aunt Taught You Growing Up That Turned You Into A #GirlBoss In Your 20s

Beep, beep. That's right, toot your #GirlBoss horn, because it's a quality you should be so proud of. You can't take all the credit for being the confident and independent woman that you are today, though. In almost every self-defining memory you have from your childhood, you were blessed to have a special woman in addition to your mom (or mom figure in your life) right by your side: your aunt. Get nostalgic about all of the things your aunt taught you growing up, and you'll realize that she gave you a first class ticket to being a total girl boss.

So, what exactly is a "girl boss?" It's a woman who takes control of her life, and isn't afraid to shoot for the stars. She's crushing it in her career and has her priorities in order. These are pretty big shoes to fill, but you slipped them on effortlessly, especially if you had a dope aunt prepping you from the get-go.

Learning the ropes from your aunt is just another testament that womanhood is the gift that keeps on giving. There's so much we can learn from each other, and ultimately, those lessons produce the amazing women you encounter on a daily basis. Your aunt knew what she was doing at the time, even if you didn't, so thank her for introducing you to these 10 things so you could wear the girl boss crown in your 20s.

How To Stick Up For Yourself

Your aunt had your back growing up. She even defended you against your parents — and that's true love right there. From her, you learned to always state your case and stand up for yourself.

The Importance Of Treating Yourself

Those mani/pedis during the weekend were such a luxury, even at a young age. Your aunt treated you to the works and made sure you enjoyed every part of it. As you got older, she taught you that you are completely able of providing your very own slice of paradise.

Knowing Your Worth

When your first crush didn't like you back and they were sort of rude about it, your aunt swooped in with the best advice. Your aunt told you to pay it no mind, and that this person didn't deserve your attention. You knew then that you set the bar for what you deserve, and you don't have to tolerate or settle for anything less.

Taking Responsibility For Your Mistakes

Your aunt made you own up to your mistakes. Yes, you were her favorite, but when you did something wrong, she gave you the floor to own it and move on to solutions. You can't tell me this isn't a handy habit to have in your 20s.


If your aunt showed you a new trick or craft, she didn't expect you to learn it instantaneously. Even if you got frustrated, she waited patiently until you nailed it. You owe having patience for yourself and others to your auntie.

The Art Of Negotiating

Many of the things you learned from your aunt, you learned by simply watching her. She negotiated with your mom about how late you could stay up when she babysat you. She even negotiated with you when she made you decide if you wanted that once-in-a-lifetime gift on your birthday or for Christmas.

To Trust Your Gut

Aside from your parents, your aunt constantly told you to take those chances you were scared of. You were hesitant about making friends in grade school or trying out for a sports team. You can still hear her telling you that your gut is one of the best compasses you'll ever have. As an adult, this golden advice has helped you so much.

How To Keep A Secret

Your aunt kept all of your secrets. (Yeah, they were small, like where you hid your sibling's toys, but still.) You invested your trust in her and she never broke it. That is one thing you value and practice in your friendships these days.

Work-Life Balance

I know you probably weren't peeping this small detail, but your aunt introduced you to work-life balance. Remember how she'd always manage to make it to family event and vacations? You probably didn't even think she worked, but she was so good at putting family first and making sure her job wasn't her only responsibility. Sound familiar?

Owning Your Style

Your aunt let you explore your own style. When you saw that pair of cute sparkly boots while you were school shopping, she never said they were too flashy or over-the-top. She gave you a chance to express how you wanted to look to the world. (Oh, and you can't forget messing around with the cool makeup in her purse, either.)

Thanks to your aunt, you were given a whole new perspective on how to tackle your 20s. Little do people know that those are girl boss eyes behind those trendy sunglasses of yours.