10 Spontaneous Things To Do When You're Bored This Fall That'll Keep You On Your Toes

It's the most wonderful time of the year we've all been anxiously waiting for, folks. It's officially, awesomely, no-doubt-about-it, fall; the time of year when temperatures drop, the air is crisp, our fall wardrobes thrive with cozy sweaters and flannels, and the leaves turn glorious colors as they claim their rightful spotlight. It's the time of year where the possibilities seem to be truly endless, so why is it so hard to keep ourselves from thinking of things to do when bored this autumn?

The thing about fall is that it starts to become way too easy to curl up on the couch and do absolutely nothing. The weather is just chilly enough to want to stay in bed all day, there are great TV shows streaming, and it's usually the time of year when school, work, and family get super busy. It's sometimes easiest to just avoid it all, which can lead, in turn, to some serious boredom.

Instead, let's shake you out of that rut and into something fun to do. Fall boredom's got nothing on you this season, especially with these 10 boredom-proof activities for fall. What are you waiting for? Get out there and get your fall on.

Rake The Leaves And Have A Blast Jumping In The Pile

It's time to channel your childhood-self. If you're catching some boredom, go outside, be the adult you are, and rake up the leaves. Then, be the child you also are, and jump right into that beautiful pile.

Drive To The Nearest Apple Orchard

You can't have a successful fall without apple picking. Fight off the mid-week blues with a spontaneous trip to the apple orchard. It's a double win — no boredom, and some fresh apples you can make some apple crisp with later on.

Make Your Own Haunted House

Design the ultimate haunted house in your own place. Go all out, or go for the basics, but make sure to have fun with it. When you're done, invite over your squad for a good night of fright, scary movies, and festive treats.

Bake A Delicious Batch Of Fall-Inspired Cookies

... Or at least, try. A day of baking can never be boring, especially if the skills don't come naturally. You could even turn it into a bake-off and invite your whole crew over for friendly competition.

Carve The Best Pumpkin Ever

Stencils? Check. A Pinterest board overflowing with ideas? Also check. Nothing can stop you from the ultimate pumpkin carving this year. Right? After you're done with your carving, don't forget to roast the pumpkin seeds for a savory snack.

Watch All The Halloween Movies

Halloweentown, Hocus Pocus, Twitches, and more; we're here for it all. Have the ultimate Halloween movie marathon night with none of the regret. Lazy days are the cure for boredom, right?

Take A Ride In A Hot Air Balloon

Go live your best movie life and earn that dare devil license! A hot air balloon ride definitely won't leave you feeling bored. What better way can you think of to see the changing leaves? Grab your camera, and take in the marvelous autumnal views unfolding below you. This picturesque scenery will certainly not disappoint.

Slay In A Fall Photoshoot

Work it, girl. Put your best fall outfit together, and get ready to slay it in the fall weather. A photoshoot is a fun way to pass the time, and your Insta feed will definitely thank you. Don't forget to pair these beautiful pictures with a perfect fall-inspired Instagram caption.

Take A Road Trip

Make the most of the beauty outdoors, and map out the ultimate road trip. You can stay in your state, or go cross country — but whatever you do, don't forget to grab your main girlfriend. You and your bestie, a variety of yummy car snacks, and a kickin' playlist will be a memory you won't ever forget.

Thrift An Amazing Fall Wardobe

You know what they say... a little shopping never hurt anybody. To make it a little more challenging, skip the boutique stores and head straight to the thrift shop. I'm coming for you, big comfy sweaters! Boredom conquered.