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10 Things You Absolutely Need To Do At Disneyland, No Matter Your Age

Disneyland isn't just for kids. If you've learned anything from scrolling through your Instagram feed and seeing people living their best lives on vacation, you know a day at Disneyland is guaranteed fun for all ages. That means you never really have to switch up your to-do list of things to do at Disneyland that you've loved since day one.

Looking back on old vacation photos from when you were little, you tend to get nostalgic. But the traditions you started as a kid can keep going well into adulthood. There's no age limit for snapping a picture with Mickey Mouse or wearing your fave pair of sparkly Minnie ears. The Haunted Mansion will always welcome you with ghoulish delight, and a Mickey-shaped pretzel will forever make your mouth water.

So if you have a day or entire weekend at this magical destination on the books, you already know the 10 activities listed below deserve a spot on the itinerary. These are also the things that will guarantee you have the most magical Disneyland experience possible, so check off one or go for all 10. Whatever you do, have a hakuna matata kind of day, because you've go no worries.

Take A Picture With Mickey Mouse
Rachel Chapman

Your Disneyland day wouldn't be complete without seeing Mickey Mouse. There are many fun characters you'll run into throughout the park, but the most starstruck you might get is seeing adorable Mickey and friends on Main Street. Be sure to grab a pic for the 'Gram.

Enjoy Mickey-Shaped Treats For Snack

Why order regular food when you can enjoy something that's shaped like Mickey Mouse? There's a variety of tasty snacks you can have all day long, including Mickey ice cream, Mickey pretzels, and even Mickey beignets at the Mint Julep Bar in New Orleans Square.

Ride Your Favorite Rides

Going on classic Disneyland rides like Haunted Mansion, Space Mountain, and Pirates of the Caribbean will never get old. When heading to the park, make sure you check off every single one of your favorites before you leave.

Enjoy A Tasty Meal At One Of The Restaurants

Disneyland is known for their rides and characters, but the food is just as magical. With many great restaurants — like Carnation Cafe on Main Street and Blue Bayou in New Orleans Square — to choose from, book a reservation for lunch or dinner to enjoy a very foodie-worthy meal.

Rock Your Mickey Ears

You may get a sudden urge to rock some sparkly Mickey ears the minute you step into the park. Embrace that. As a matter of fact, rocking a pair of ears is #necessary for cute pics in front of the castle.

Dress Up In Your Favorite Disney Style
Rachel Chapman

Along with your Mickey or Minnie ears, you want to be dressed head to toe in your best Disney style. That could either mean wearing every piece of Disney merch you own, or DisneyBounding as your favorite character for some quality snaps.

Take Some Silly Ride Photos With Your Friends

Some of the best photos captured during your Disneyland day might be the ones of rides like Space Mountain or Splash Mountain. Sometimes, what makes a photo even better is planning out how you want to pose for when the op happens. Those are definitely the memories you'll want to cherish forever.

Watch The Fireworks From In Front Of The Castle

Fireworks are a perfect way to end your magical Disneyland day. Scope out a good spot in front of the castle for a great view. Make your experience even better by having someone grab the popcorn while the rest of you save your spot so you have snacks for the big show.

Cruise On The Train Around Disneyland

One of the most underrated ways to get around the park is the Disneyland Railroad. Not only is it a nice way to rest your feet when you need a break from walking, but you get to enjoy gorgeous views of the entire park.

Shop On Main Street For New Disney Merch

At the end of any Disneyland day, you likely feel the need to check out the stores on Main Street for souvenirs. Treat yourself to a spirit jersey or pins for trading.