10 Things That Make Your 20s Easier, Because You Deserve A Break

Living life in your 20s can be a struggle at times. There are no road signs that tell you which is the easier path to take. When you decide on a path, there are no arrows pointing to the big AF hills that are worth the difficult climb. There's no doubt that there are forces you can't control, but there are things that make your 20s easier, and you're completely capable of making them happen.

You don't get to choose the curveballs that are thrown at you. You do, however, get to perfect your swing over time. The trick is, you need to make your day-to-day life as stress-free as you can, so you can save your energy for the complicated stuff. There's no quick fix to filling your 20s with only rainbows and butterflies.

You have to be willing to adapt and make changes to the things you actually have control over. (I know, it hardly seems like you have control over much, huh?) Ironically, you're usually the main person making your life harder than it should be in your 20s. Sometimes, you have to take a step back, analyze where things could be better, and take your fate in your own two hands. Anyone who's 20-something can afford to have life be a tad easier, and it really is possible if you keep these 10 things in mind.

Stay Away From Drama, Because She's A B*tch

Drama doesn't do anything for you or anyone else except waste your time and energy. You could be focusing on far better things. As much as there will always be drama, you have a choice whether or not to participate in it. Avoid it like the flu.

Don't Overextend Yourself In Social Circles

The freedom to hang out with whoever you want is lovely, but don't mistake spending time with friends as an obligation. You can embrace JOMO every once in a while. Your true friends will be there for you regardless.

Say What You Mean And Mean What You Say

Being straightforward will save you so many headaches in your 20s. There's no point in concealing how you really feel behind passive hints and clues. Mean what you say and say what you mean, so that your communication is clear and concise. Remember, it's all in the presentation.

Learn From Your Mistakes

There's a lesson in every mistake that you make. Applying it to next time it comes around will contribute to your self-growth. Don't perceive mistakes as only hashing out bad vibes. There's almost always a silver lining. Think of it like this: Mess me up once, shame on you; mess me up twice, shame on me.

Apologize When You're In The Wrong

Apologizing doesn't fall void just because an adult isn't urging you to do it. People respect those who can own up to their wrongs and say that they're sorry. Guilt can weigh heavy on your spirit. Clear your conscience and own your actions.

Make Your Own Definition Of Fun

Your idea of fun doesn't have to be parallel to anyone else's. Find what brings you joy and do it by yourself, if you have to. You should be your smile's number one benefactor. Never be afraid to be you.

Master An Epic Pep Talk For Yourself

Pep talks are heaven-sent in your 20s, because you're going to be combating so many new things. You should have an awesome pep talk for yourself that's tailored for those tough times. You are your biggest supporter, after all.

Stop Living In Fear Of Failure

Living in fear of failure isn't truly living. Getting something right on the first try is awesome, but it can't be an expectation for everything. Failure means you are trying, and you only really fail when you stop going for it. And remember, you will learn from any mistakes, anyway.

Leave The Past In The Past

You don't need to reopen the past and give yourself a history lesson. Living in the now is so important, or else you're tangled into a time warp that you can change or control. Your fate is unfolding in present time. Live it up!

Never Ignore Your Passions

Somewhere in adulthood, you're convinced that time is money. If your passions are going to consume your time, it should be making you money. That's the wrong attitude. Your passions make your soul rich, not necessarily your pockets. Stay true to them. And you never know, sometimes with a little creativity they could turn into something more than a hobby.

While none of these suggestions are a quick fix to smooth sailing in your 20s, they'll help. The decade can (and should) be more than trying to keep your head above water. It's about diving right into the pool and enjoying the water.