10 Things Millennials Are Known For Taking To An Entire New Level

Some may believe that millennials are all about documenting memories on the 'Gram, embracing the digital nomad life, investing in experiences over material "things," and attending weekend brunch with friends. Yes, those things may be true for many of us — but there are additional things millennials are known for taking to an entire new level, too.

It's true that some of us are attached to our phones — I'm definitely guilty of that one — but we are also able to balance our social media with thriving in our careers, getting chores checked off the to-do list, paying bills, and finding time to spend with the crew. Millennials don't just settle for the norm — we take things a step further.

I can confidently say that adulthood nowadays is a lot different than when my parents were adulting in their 20s. Times have changed, and each generation brings new trends to the table. It's not just social media that millennials have taken over, either. We're changing the game when it comes to work, relationships, travel, and even food.

As a millennial yourself, you can look at this list of 10 things your generation has glowed up for everyone else and feel proud AF. Now, celebrate with a stunning selfie, because you deserve it.

Making Brunch More Than Just A Meal
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Before millennials, brunch was really just a late breakfast enjoyed with family or friends. Nowadays, brunch can be turned into an all-day affair.

You have the chance to meet up with your whole crew, toast your cucumber lemonades, and spend hours catching up. When it's too difficult to decide if you want to order something savory or sweet, the struggle can be real — and you end up splitting the pancakes and avocado toast with your bestie. (Let's be real: What's not to love about brunch?)

Documenting Experiences On Social Media That You Can Relive Forever

Yes, millennials do it for the 'Gram, but it's so much more than just a simple snap and post ordeal. Documenting the things that bring you so much happiness every single day is a way for you to relive those experiences forever.

Investing In Travel Over Material Items

Millennials are the wanderlust generation. You've decided that you treasure experiences over material things. Every penny you save might go directly to your travel fund, so that you can go on adventures to new destinations with your best friends, which is so rewarding.

Maintaining That Work-Life Balance

It's never easy finding that work-life balance that comes with adulthood, but millennials are making it work. Instead of just focusing on your career, you understand the importance of going out on a Friday night with your friends as well. And even if you don't go out, you might put on a face mask and catch up on your favorite Netflix series. You realize that the hobbies you do in your free time can also help you out in your career, and that your passions outside of work are everything.

Creating Fandoms From Favorite Movies And TV Shows
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Millennials are all about forming fandoms for popular TV shows and movies. You've not only watched every single episode of your fave series, but you also go to different conventions to talk to the creators and take that love to the next level.

Feeling Nostalgic And Throwing It Back Whenever Possible

The nostalgia is all too real with millennials. It's not your fault that you grew up in the best time ever to be a kid with Nickelodeon shows and boy bands. You just want to remember the good times with Throwback Thursdays, reunions, and bringing back the styles you know and love.

Saying Everything You Need To Say With Solely Gifs And Emojis

You don't even need to say a word to your friends when a single Gif really says it all. Millennials are known for sending emojis and Gifs in the place of actual words at times. You've even taken it a step further with meme culture, and a single (extremely relatable) picture that has everyone saying, "same."

Appreciating Food For Not Only The Taste, But Aesthetically-Pleasing Presentation
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Many millennials are foodies at heart. You're not only looking for tasty food to try out, but something that has a great presentation. That's why you see so many unicorn and rainbow milkshakes and bagels everywhere. Before you dig in, a picture is necessary.

Making Fitness Fun
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Going to the gym after work doesn't have to be a bore. Instead of running on the treadmill, you can check out an aerial yoga, lyra, kickboxing, yoga, or barre class to switch up your workout — and have a great time while you're at it.

Redefining #CareerGoals

Nowadays, millennials are redefining what a dream career really is. There's freelance, working from home, and even startups that totally change the game. It's not so much about sticking to one career path, but truly finding a job that makes you happy with your dream lifestyle.