10 Surprising Things I Learned From My Grandma That I Think Every Millennial Should Hear

There are many incredible women in the world who deserve the title of "hero," and my grandma is definitely one of them. She has never let her age stop her from doing amazing things — she continues to work hard, educate herself, and dish out some of the greatest advice I've ever been given. I could listen to her talk for hours on end, and everything she says is both delightfully hilarious and oh-so-true. If you have a close relationship with your grandma like I do, you'll soon realize that the things Grandma teaches you will become apparent and invaluable in your 20s.

Sometimes, it takes a bit for great advice to finally hit you. Actually, these 10 words of wisdom are things my grandma has been telling me for years, but they didn't start making sense until just recently. Some of them are food-related, but they're priceless, nonetheless.

I feel so blessed for all of the time I'm able to spend with my grandma. Not only are we making great memories, but I like to pretend I'm heading to class, and will return home with all the answers to take on my 20s with total ease. Hopefully some of these little nuggets will help you as well, from my Mema to you.

Never Forget To Make Time For Your Family
Rachel Chapman

My grandma is always asking me when I'll be able to see her next, because she knows that making time for family is important. Even at her age, she will travel to spend time with her grandkids, and that's commitment. She's an incredible, consistent reminder that no matter how important your job is, you need to take some time off to see the people who matter the most.

Opt For The Steak Dinner, Because It's Good To Splurge Once In A While
Rachel Chapman

Every time we go out for dinner, my grandma likes to tell everyone to "get the steak." She knows that it's usually the steak that's the most expensive meal on the menu, and it's her way of letting us feel completely OK about splurging — that it's good and also important to treat yourself in life.

Make Sure You Call Your Mom
Rachel Chapman

My grandma always makes sure that I'm checking in with my mom on a regular basis. Just like my mom takes care of her, she wants me to do the same. As someone who calls her mom almost every single day, I'm good, but the sentiment is a sweet reminder of how important it is to stay connected and take care of your family.

Saving Up Now Is A Good Idea
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I never had the opportunity to meet my grandpa, but I feel like I know him because of the way my grandma talks about him. She was the spender, and he was the saver. She is always telling me to be more like my grandpa, and start saving up now.

One Glass Of Wine At Dinnertime Can Be Good For The Soul
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My grandma loves her one glass of wine at dinnertime. She always makes a big show, telling everyone (who is 21 or over) that it's good for the heart. Of course, she also reminds us that it's one glass to complement the meal. When I want to unwind after a long day at work with a glass of rosé or chardonnay to pair with my plate, I think of my grandma and smile.

If She's In Her 80s And Can Do It, You Can Do It In Your 20s
Rachel Chapman

I can barely find the energy to part with my comfy bed in the wee hours of the morning, but my grandma somehow has all the energy in the world. I'm in complete and utter awe, because she can keep up with just about anyone. She likes to remind me that if she can still do it in her 80s, I can definitely at least try to give it a go in my 20s.

Always Check Out The Dessert Menu (If You Have A Sweet Tooth)
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Even before our waiter can get in a word, my grandma is already asking to see the dessert menu. She's a woman who knows exactly what she wants. Even if there's nothing she's in the mood for, she still likes to look at a dessert menu after every meal.

If You Find Your Soulmate, That's Great, But You're Also Doing Just Fine On Your Own
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My grandma has never put any pressure on me to find someone to settle down with. The last time I saw her, she even said that if I find a boyfriend, that's fine, but seeing her and my mom being independent should be proof enough that I am absolutely fine on my own. I can tackle my 20s without a partner by my side, and if I ever find one, that's just a bonus.

When You Find Something You Like, Go For It
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By now, my grandma knows exactly what her favorite clothing line is, her favorite shoes, and her go-to face cream. Her logic is that if you find something you really love — whether that may be a material item or an experience — you have to go for it. She'll even get the same blouse in different colors, because she likes it that much.

If You Don't Participate, You Can't Complain
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My grandma always says that "if you don't vote, you can't complain, and I love complaining." It always makes me laugh. I think that these wise words apply to just about anything. If you're not actively trying to make a positive difference or change, you can't really sit back and be a grump about the outcome.