10 Texts To Send Your Crush On Valentine's Day To Finally Tell 'Em How You Feel

by Lily Rouff

OK, first, take a deep breath. It appears you've made the decision to finally tell your crush how you feel about them. Major props to you. Getting past that hurdle in your brain is the hardest part, I promise. And in today's technologically-driven society, you won't even have to do it in person. Even better, there are a bunch of options for texts to send your crush on Valentine's Day that'll make coming forward with your confession way less intimidating.

But why profess your feelings on Valentine's Day? It might seem cliched, but there's a lot going for those crushing on Feb. 14. In lieu of that cutesy idea of a little winged cherub flying about, hitting soon-to-be lovers with Cupid's arrow, there really is something to be said for the undeniable romance of the day. All those chocolates, roses, heart decorations, and talk of love just about force your mind to go there, whether you're single or coupled up.

Plus, you might have your crush right where you want them if they're single on V-Day. According to Daily Mail, researchers say the surge in lovey-dovey couples everywhere can make people feel pretty lonely. While I'd never advocate taking advantage of someone's lonely heart to win their affections, telling someone you dig them on Valentine's Day could be the welcomed romantic outreach they're craving.

So, stop dwelling and let your fingers do your heart's work.

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1. "If you don't have plans tonight, I was thinking we could do something for Valentine's Day?"

Asking your crush out on Valentine's Day might seem pretty bold, but no one wants to sit in alone when everyone else is out celebrating their love. It'll likely be a very appreciated invitation (and an opportunity for a romantic date).

2. "I wish I was spending Valentine's Day with you."

Maybe your crush doesn't live near you, or has existing plans (hopefully platonic ones). Letting them know that you wish you were with them on a day dedicated to love sends a clear message: You want more than friendship.

3. "Ouch. I was just hit with an arrow. 😘 Did Cupid get you, too?"

Why not embrace the cheesiness and get a little silly? Injecting humor makes the whole idea of confessing your feelings a bit less scary.

4. "I got you a Valentine's Day gift: It's me."

...or you can be a little cheeky. Flirtation should spark their interest.

5. "There's a reason I'm texting you on Valentine's Day..."

OK, but maybe you want to be less up front. Totally respectable if that isn't your style. Leaving the text open-ended is still putting yourself out there, but leaving it up to the other person to lead the conversation.

6. "I know today is Valentine's Day, so we're all more sensitive, but the truth is, I can't stop thinking about you every day."

You may be worried that your crush will think you're only texting them because you're feeling lonely on Valentine's Day. So let them know that's not the case! Plus, telling someone you can't stop thinking about them is just about the ultimate romantic line.

7. "What are your Valentine's Day plans?"

Unless they respond with a jam-packed calendar of romantic activities with other people, this is your opening to propose a date.

8. "There are so many couple pictures in my feed today, and all I keep thinking is how cute a picture of us would look in the mix."

So, now they're thinking about how cute you two would look together.

9. "All the love in the air today is inspiring me, so here goes nothing: I like you."

Bite the bullet and just go for it! You might surprise your crush a bit with how honest you are, but honesty is a super admirable trait.

10. "Will you be my Valentine?"

Ah, the classic. Who could resist this cute question?

Here's hoping Cupid's arrow hits where you want it to, but in case it doesn't, look on the bright side: If your crush doesn't reciprocate, you've now got a full 364 days before you have to face Feb. 14 again.

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