5 Sweet Texts To Send Your Crush After You Hang Out To Subtly Let Them Know You Like Them

by Alison Segel

I usually wait for my dates and crushes to text me instead of reaching out to them. Emotional vulnerability can be terrifying, and societal norms tell me that women texting men first is the Devil's work. However, this isn't actually the case obviously. How is someone supposed to know that you're interested unless you show them you're... interested? It's common sense, people. But it's difficult to know what to text your crush to subtly let them know you like them. While it can be intimidating to make the first move, there's nothing wrong with a little subtle flirtation to push your relationship forward.

I get it; texting first is scarier than any horror movie I've ever watched. But if you want to have a successful love life, you have to wear your heart on your sleeve, take chances, and risk being rejected. Being closed off isn't going to get you anywhere.

So here is what to text your crush to let them know you like hanging out with them. Because if you do, then they should know.

1. Make An Inside Joke

Did you and your Bumble match make some inside jokes when you were getting drinks the other night? Well, text them to remind them. It will reactivate the chemistry you two had together and let your crush know that you appreciate their personality and are thinking about them. Lust might last for a night, but putting a smile on someone's face and making them laugh lasts much longer.

2. Flatter Them

Ali Segel

Flattery will get you everywhere... or at least it goes far with me. I love a good compliment. So if you want the person you like to know that you're interested in them, make sure you get a little flirty.

In this digital dating era, it can be hard to distinguish what's actually a date and what is not. A lot of relationships end up in the friend zone just because no one has the courage to make the first move and show a little affection. So if you have a crush on someone, let them know. You might be surprised at where it can take your relationship.

3. Send A Pic

I love to get a cute selfie or picture throughout the day. The other day, my crush sent me a picture of one of the aisles at Ross and asked me if I wanted anything. It was harmless and adorable. I got insight into what he was doing (I love to track my crush's location) and I knew that he was thinking of me.

If you're squeamish at the thought of using words to let your crush know you're feeling them, then send a picture instead. They say those are worth a thousand words anyway, right?

4. Ask Them Out Again

Ali Segel

If you're feeling bold, then just ask your crush out again yourself. The best way to show someone you like them is to be explicit. Miscommunication is one of the main reasons relationships don't end up working out, so if you want your crush to know you're interested, then make it really clear and let them know you'd like to see them again. It's a great way to not only get another date, but to practice the thing we all fear most: emotional vulnerability.

5. Use Reverse Psychology

Ali Segel

I love sending people texts like these. It's confident, flirty, and forces the person I like to give me a compliment. It's like reverse psychology. It plants the idea in my crush's head that they're obsessed with me. I should be a scientist.

So if you're nervous about reaching out to your crush first, don't be. Take a chance, and let the person you like know that you like them. We only have one life to live, right? Why not take a risk on love?

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