10 Super Bowl Sunday Traditions To Start With Your Favorite Team Of BFFs

With Super Bowl Sunday right around the corner, I have one question: Are you ready for some football? I don't follow the entire NFL season, but I always celebrate the biggest game of the year, no matter what. Even if your team didn't make it to the playoffs this time around, a get-together with wings and pizza to watch the Super Bowl is a tradition you're likely familiar with. Though, there are plenty of additional Super Bowl Sunday traditions to start with your friends this year that will make your party even more fun.

Actually, traditions are so important for any friend group, because you're saying you're in it with your squad for the long haul. It's not just chips and bean dip anymore. Your Super Bowl party together will be an epic, annual event you're counting down to each year — so it's time to do it up.

Along with laughing through the commercials and having many helpings of your bestie's buffalo chicken dip, the most epic of squads needs to add these 10 Super Bowl party ideas to their game day agenda. That way, no matter the outcome of the football game, you'll be having an amazing time with your fave team of BFFs.

Play Super Bowl Commercial Bingo

Right after the delicious food, the commercials just might be your favorite part of Super Bowl Sunday. They always seem to outdo themselves every single year. Though, there are a few things you can really expect, so print out different cards to play commercial Bingo with your friends.

Mix Up Punny Cocktails (Or Mocktails) For Each Of The Teams

If you're 21 or up, creating clever cocktails for your party can be a fun tradition. You can also make them specific for each of the teams in the game, along with punny names. For example, if you're an LA Rams fan, you might want to mix up a Ram (Rum) Punch this year.

Potluck Tailgating Before The Game

Tailgating is always one of the best traditions before a football game, but make it a joint effort by doing a potluck. Your friends can bring some of their fave dishes for everyone to try. Bring on the artichoke cheese dip!

Have A Football Treat Bake-Off
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If everyone's planning on bringing over food, you can have a little friendly competition of your own with a bake-off. The only rule is that everything needs to be shaped like a football. Your friends can dive deep into football-inspired Pinterest recipes to find some winners. Let the games begin.

Play A Game Of Touch Football Before The Big Event
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If it's not too cold outside, a game of touch football is essential to celebrate the big day. Split up into teams, and see who takes home your very own friend Super Bowl trophy. Then, you can all celebrate by watching the game and eating wings.

Set Up An Insta-Worthy Super Bowl Photo Booth
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I'm always looking for fun ways to upgrade my 'Gram, so if you're the same, set up a photo booth for your friends to take pics in. It can be as simple as hanging up a cute banner in a corner with a ring light, or go all-out with football props, jerseys, and balloons galore.

Invite Furry Friends Over For A Puppy Bowl Of Your Own

Let's be honest: The Puppy Bowl is the cutest event in the world. Have your friends bring over their dogs for a fur real fun party together. As you and your besties enjoy yummy snacks, you can have an obstacle course set up for the pups to enjoy their very own puppy party.

Pick The Winning Commercial

There's always that one commercial that stands above the rest. This is the one everyone talks about at work on Monday. Make it a tradition to pick out which one that will be. Have a score card with your top three, and at the end of the night, tally the votes to see which is the winning Super Bowl commercial among your crew.

DIY Decor For Your Party

It's time to get crafting. There are a bunch of cute decorations you can make with your friends for the Super Bowl, including football cups for utensils and a football field table for your chips and dips. Let's just say, your parties will forever be the most Insta-worthy.

Have A Championship Friendship Ring For The Big Winner
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If your squad is making bets on who will win the big game, have your very own Super Bowl ring to award to the winner. If you win the friendship ring, it's yours for entire year until the next Super Bowl. You can also serve Ring Pops to everyone else, so the whole squad gets to go home with new bling.