10 Romantic Summer Date Night Ideas For Your Next Bae-cation

by Ginny Hogan
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You're going on vacation, and you planned everything — the flights, the housing, the restaurants, the public transit. You have everything set, and your partner is hopefully appropriately grateful for how organized you are. But wait — did you schedule time for romance? It may seem like romance will come naturally once you're on vacation (and it probably will), but that doesn't mean you don't want to plan ahead. Fear not — if you've skipped over this stage of the planning, I've compiled a list of summer date night ideas for your vacation.

Romance doesn't have to be too involved — sometimes, simple is better. And when you're already R&R-ing hardcore on the beach or in some foreign country, maybe you want date night to be laid back. Or maybe you want to do something over-the-top, because why not? You've gotten away from work for a few days, and you want to make that time count. Romance doesn't work a five-day week, and it doesn't take vacations (unless you want it to, in which case it can go chill whenever, seriously, romance is super laid-back). But being on vacation can be the absolutely perfect time to plan the date of your dreams. A lot of these ideas are for you and your partner, but you can easily implement them with whoever you want to go on a date with, even someone you just met this vacation!

Read on to find 10 summer date ideas for your next vacation.

A Walk Along The Beach

This is simple but underrated. The feeling of sand on your feet and waves lapping against your ankles is incredible — the only thing that could make it better is holding your partner's hand while beaching. I personally find the beach even nicer at night, but any time of day makes for a super romantic date.

Bird Watching

Bird watching doesn't sound that romantic at first, until you consider what you'd actually be doing. You go to some isolated peak with your partner, put on a pair of sexy binoculars, and watch beautiful birds (that are sometimes fornicating). Bird watching is so peaceful, and when else do you have a chance to do it? A perfect vacation date.

A Home-Cooked Summery Meal

If you're on vacation, you might actually eat out more than you want to. As a foodie, I know this idea sounds insane, but I do, in fact, get tired of restaurants after eating out many nights in a row. So take a night in to cook with your partner — what's more romantic than a dinner you can cuddle during?

An Outdoor Movie

It's not always warm outside, and you don't always have your evenings free for entertainment. You and your partner can make a movie extremely romantic by packing a blanket (or two — an extra one for snuggling) and a picnic basket. Why not cuddle under the stars?

A Bike Ride & Picnic

Vacation can be a great time to get some exercise and explore a new place. If you and your partner like to bike, why not pick out a romantic spot, bike to it, and eat a picnic to prep for your ride home. No, it's not really safe to hold hands while biking, but you can imagine holding hands (or more), and that alone is fun.


If you're anywhere touristy, there's a mini-golf course. And touristy activities are actually so fun if you're doing them with someone you love. So grab your partner and go hit some put-put (I think that's what it's called? I'm not very coordinated).

Skinny Dipping

What list of summer date activities would be complete without this one? You and your partner love being naked, so why not get naked in the water? The thrill of skinny dipping is a definite turn-on.

Fruit Picking

Picking fruit is one of those activities I fantasize about doing constantly (I have a lot of free time) but wouldn't actually know where to start. Next time I'm in a relationship, though, I'm making it a vacation-date for sure. Find your destination's local orchards and get picking!

Dancing With The Locals

You don't have to wake up for work tomorrow (unless it's the last day of your vacation, in which case, sorry). Take this opportunity to stay out late with your partner, hitting the town. Find out the coolest local dance spots, and get dolled up. How often do the two of you get this opportunity?


If you live in certain cities (NYC, for example), you might not get to see the stars very often. There's truly nothing more romantic than gazing up into the sky with your partner and wondering what's really out there (or thinking about the scene in Hercules where they do this — both romantic). Grab a blanket and maybe some white wine, and gaze!

Vacations are fun for so many reasons — you get to take a break from work (or school, or really anything) to try new things in a different place. Romance doesn't need to take a break, though, so if you and your partner (or whoever you happen to meet on vacation) are traveling, don't forget to plan some dates. Enjoy these summer romance ideas, and, no matter what, enjoy your vacation!

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