10 Date Ideas That Are Straight Out Of Your Favorite Rom-Coms

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If you haven't heard, rom-coms are back in style again. These movies, which show two people coming together in a hilarious way, are usually filled with meet-cutes, ridiculous circumstances, and adorable dates. If you feel like you and your partner are kind of in a rut at the moment, you can look for inspiration from rom-com date ideas. While not all movies will offer good dates to get your brain on track with fun things to do, I created a list using 10 new and old rom-coms that feature a variety of dates.

While there are some elements of rom-com movies that contain bad messages — like persist anyone no matter the cost — many of these movies make you feel good at the end of the day. It makes sense that you'd want to use elements from the films to make parts of your own life sunnier as well. For instance, my personal favorite, To All The Boys I've Loved Before, has many iconic parts of the movie that would suit a cute date. I'd love to recreate going on a ski trip together or baking cupcakes at home. The following list of date ideas range from low-budget to kind of over-the-top. Read ahead and choose whatever works best for you and your own SO.

'To All The Boys I've Loved Before': Eat a beloved snack together.
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We all know by now that the whole internet lost its damn mind over Peter Kavinsky going across town to get Lara Jean Song Covey's favorite Korean yogurt. He certainly raised the bar for partners everywhere. You could mimic this act by going with your date to get their favorite niche snack that may not be available everywhere.

'Love, Simon': Go on a ferris wheel.
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Take a cue from Simon Spier and his love interest (which I am not revealing because that would spoil the movie for you in case you haven't seen yet), and take a ride on a ferris wheel with your date. Seal it with a kiss when you reach the top point of the wheel.

'How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days': Play a card game.
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Dates don't have to be expensive. You could easily do something as chill as playing cards with some friends or family along with your date to have some fun bonding time with your partner. In How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days, Andie Anderson plays "Bullsh*t" with her boyfriend, Benjamin Barry and his close family to spend time with them.

'Crazy Rich Asians': Take a trip together.
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If you can swing going to Singapore with your significant other, sure do that. But you can take inspiration from Crazy Rich Asians without emptying your bank account, too. Take a local weekend getaway trip to somewhere nearby just the two of you. Make it a road trip, cook your meals together, and see fun local sites.

'The Kissing Booth': Go to the beach.
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This couple, which for the most part keeps their relationship a secret, finds fun little romantic outings for the two of them like motorcycle riding, making out in the rain, and going to the beach. If you're on the coast, do a romantic beach date for you and your partner, or if you're in a land-locked state, opt for a river or lake instead.

'Twilight': Play baseball.
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The most iconic scene of the most iconic vampire franchise, Edward Cullen took Bella Swan along for his regular family baseball games. She got to become acclimated with the family, enjoy some of the classic American sport, and even made important game decisions. Be your own ~Edward and Bella~ for a day and play the game for yourselves, or go see one instead.

'Maid in Manhattan': Go on a romantic stroll.
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This early 2000s film is based on the premise that a hotel guest confuses a maid for another guest. They go on a stroll in Central Park, and enjoy talking to one another on the beautiful day. Take your partner for your own version of this date to hype up the romance.

'Set It Up': Order delivery and do work together.
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Have your own Set It Up date by ordering in some pizza and getting work done together. If you have a super hectic work schedule, it may make things easier on the two of you to at least do work at home together.

'Crazy, Stupid, Love': Go out dancing.
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Taking from another rom-com moment, Crazy Stupid Love has its younger lead couple do the legendary Dirty Dancing moment. While your date doesn't have to lift you in the middle of the dance floor, it could be fun to go out dancing and let loose a little bit.

'Mamma Mia!': Karaoke.
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It is a musical, after all. Enjoy a night out with your significant other by busting out your vocal chops. Whoever gets the most applause from their song could buy the other a special shot.

And if none of these date options pique your interest, you could always have a movie marathon and just watch them all instead.