Um, Hello, Yes, These 10 Plus-Size Crop Tops Are All Under $40 & Freaking Adorable

Dolls Kill

Sun’s out, midriffs out. With summer fast approaching, it’s time to put away your cropped turtlenecks and sweaters and take out your cropped tees and tanks. Crop tops have gone from a trend to a staple in recent years, so filling your closet with the right picks can open up a whole new side of your wardrobe. And there are so many amazing, affordable plus-size crop tops out there to pick from.

A good shirt is crucial to starting your day. Having a top you can rely on to make you feel confident and is easy to style is undeniably mood-changing. And no matter what your aesthetic is, there’s a crop top out there for you. There’s the classic “Dump Him” Britney Spears top that’s only cropped to the hips or the newly-popular bra top. There are simple cropped tank tops, floral blouses, and so many more.

If slashing all your shirts in half in preparation for Hot Girl Summer 2.0 isn’t exactly your vibe, it may be time to shop. And considering you’re only paying for half a shirt, there are some pretty sweet deals out there on crop tops. All you need is a clear image in your head of what your Hot Girl Summer looks like, and you’re ready to buy. Pop on your warm-weather playlist, think of the boardwalk, and peruse these plus-size crop tops.

With this Plus Size Leaf Print Top ($22, Forever 21), you’ll be ready for your next tropical vacation. This shirt can be totally casual with jeans and sneakers or easily dressed up with a fitted skirt and mules, depending on your mood and where the day takes you. The pattern is also relatively simple, so it’ll fit seamlessly into your existing wardrobe.

If you’re searching for a classic summer look, this Plus Size Yellow Linen Shirt ($20, Missguided) won’t let you down. Linen is a timeless summer fabric. It’s light and loose, which is perfect for hot weather. Even better, the horn buttons on this piece add a vintage touch.

Puffy sleeves add drama and a romantic edge to any outfit. No matter what you style this Dusty Pink Crop Top ($13, PrettyLittleThing) with, you’ll look like the lead in a rom-com when you’re wearing it.

Neon is the color for summer: It’s bright, it’s fun, and it’ll have everyone looking your way. Dolls Kill’s Juicy Pretty Proper Finesse Crop Top ($20, Dolls Kill) is both funky and simple, so you can pop in any crowd, without struggling to match it to your bottoms.

If you’re looking for a quality basic you can turn to for everything, Asoph’s Plus Size Cropped Tank Top ($8, Asoph) has you covered. This crop top is available in five colors, so you can fill your closet with a good amount of options. The fabric is also so soft, you’ll never want to take it off.

Summer is the season of chill t-shirts, like this Plus-Size Dickies Logo T-Shirt ($15, Target). The boxy fit is roomy and easy to wear. All you need is a pair of jean shorts, and you’ll be looking like the cool kid from an ‘80s show.

While a bra top already sounds pretty sexy, what if it was even hotter? Wild Fable’s Women’s Sleeveless Cropped Top ($20, Target) is classy yet sensual with its peek-a-boo front. The shirt is made from a linen blend, which gives it a vintage feel, while the buckles holding the cutouts together keep it modern.

If you fell in love with the bikinis on Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle, this strappy Ready To Go One Shoulder Top ($25, Fashion Nova) is for you. The top shows just a little bit more skin than the average crop top, but the elastic material will make sure you still feel supported. Although you may not be going on an all expenses-paid vacation, you’ll definitely look ready for Too Hot To Handle’s Season 2.

Forever 21’s Plus Size Tassel-Sleeve Top ($28, Forever 21) is perfection. Not only do the multi-colored tassels demand you dance all day, but the open back with the tie is beautiful. Wherever you wear this shirt, someone will definitely stop to ask you where you got it from.

Feathers? Yes, please. The Dark Lil Prissy Much Marabou Top ($38, Dolls Kill) will make you feel like a ‘90s brat in the best way. A flip phone and small dog will complete this outfit, but if those aren’t on hand, maybe just go for small sunglasses.