10 Pics Of Dogs With Different Colored Eyes That'll Destroy You With Cuteness

Falling prey to puppy dog eyes is the sweetest surrender you will ever encounter in your life. Dogs are one of the cutest things to walk this earth, and we are so here for them. Don't even get me started on that curious head tilt that will melt your heart instantly. That combo of cuteness would destroy anyone. Now, if you want to tread in unbearably adorable territory, a roundup of pictures of dogs with different colored eyes will send you over the edge and into an adoring oblivion.

It is that serious when the appearance of a pup is involved. They could be doing just about anything, and with one look, they stop your whole entire world. We really don't deserve them, but we will instantaneously swoon without warning as a price for being able to have to them in our lives.

According to WebMD, the reason dogs and humans alike can have different eye colors is due to something called heterochromia iridum. It influences the color of the iris and is pretty rare; less than 200,000 folks in the U.S. have different colored eyes. These fur babies may have two different eye colors, and we are seriously swooning.

This Pout Face Perfection
Leah Flores/ Stocksy

Bulldogs and their notorious pouting faces are literally everything. You know they aren't sad all of the time, but still. Their look is legendary — and we simply cannot get enough of it.

How Can You Refuse Those Floppy Ears?
Laura Stolfi/Stocksy

This handsome guy is giving me a case of the swoon butterflies. If only dogs could really understand how many times we call them cute and adorable. They would likely get so sick of us — so let's thank goodness for the language barrier, yeah?

Sadly, Hugging The Screen Won't Be Like The Real Thing
Lisa Macintosh/Stocksy

Totally stealing Casper's line right now, but, "Can I keep you?" That fur looks so, so soft, and a wet nose kiss is certainly in order. Whose dog is this? Because a play date is in order. And by play date, I mean just myself having a ball playing fetch with your pup.

A Lazy Day On The Couch? You Got It, White Beauty

A coat of pure white fur on a dog might be hard to manage, but you can't deny how beautifully they wear it. Those eyes are popping, and if I had to choose between a job or sitting on the couch? Guess I'll have to practice my best "I'm sick" speech now.

Get Ready To Surrender All Of Your Treats
mrwyatt66 on Twitter

Why is this pup's fur a collection of the perfect shades to match those phenomenal eyes? All of my money would go toward treats if this little fur ball was greeting me every day. You can not say no to that face.

Oh, You Have So Much To Smile About
molliewilkie29 on Twitter

If there was any proof that dogs can show they are enjoying life by smiling, this pic would be a testament. Ugh, you just want to stay outside all day long chilling in the grass with this happy pup. Huskies are so freaking awesome.

Keeping The Cuteness All In The Family
nllyocmpo on Twitter

Awe, even though dogs can't literally splash around in their own gene pool (because they totally would), they create the most adorable pups ever. Honestly, any combination of dog is brilliant. Where can I get this family portrait? For real though, I'm asking for a friend.

Cue The Heart Cramps
ellijjahhh_ on Twitter

By now, this puppy has destroyed you. Why do you look so cuddly? This husky pup might be small, but this pooch's hold on dog lovers is incredibly mighty. I want. Actually, I need.

Pup, Why Is Your Face So Pawfect?
joey_damn_anya on Twitter

Please, someone gather up all of the puppies in the world so that I can play with them. Do they know how much we love them? A world without puppy dog eyes like these would be so sad and miserable. We are beyond blessed to have these sweet, furry friends.

If You're Crying, Blame These Indecisive Ears
4pawsmobilespa on Twitter

Even before the agony of receiving a bath, dogs will hash out the best faces ever. And those ears?! They can make all the difference between whether awe-ing and baby talk are about to make you look like an absolute fool. Hey, it happens to the best of us.

Dogs with different colored eyes will always give us so much life. Obviously, dogs have no limit to how special they can be.