10 Memories You Have To Make In Your 20s So You Have Zero Regrets

No one wants to leave their 20s thinking that they didn't make the most of this golden decade. Let's be real: You're full of so much adventure, passion, and wanderlust, and you don't want to feel like any of your time went to waste once you reach 30. Right now, you're living in the present, and there are memories you have to make in your 20s, so you aren't stuck with an eternal case of FOMO and regrets.

Do you want to backpack through Europe or move to your dream city? Has it always been a dream of yours to go to culinary school? Now is the prime time to do it! During your 20s, you're starting to dip your toes into the real world, and you have every tool you need to make that life as fulfilling as possible. It's not like you have to hand in your carefree card at the door once you turn 30, but you'll never be able to experience your 20s again once you close this chapter of your life.

You owe it to yourself and this awesome decade to make it something worth looking back on. No matter where you're at in your 20s, spend your time doing any of these 10 things.

Go On A Spontaneous Road Trip

The open road, a soul on fire, and a group of friends feeling adventurous? Aside from gas money and some yummy snacks, those are the essential things you need to send you on your way to an epic road trip. It doesn't matter where you go — and that's the fun part.

Go To A Weekend-Long Music Festival Or Event

Bonding over great music brings people together. A weekend at Outside Lands in San Francisco or Burning Man in Nevada's Black Rock Desert will introduce you to many like-minded individuals. You also can't forget how many pics you're going to take in your cute AF festival outfits.

Ask Out Someone You've Been Crushing On

You don't want to look back and wonder what would have happened if you actually had the guts to ask out that hottie you always bump into at the gym. Take a chance and trust your emotions. You never know where this little crush could lead.

Go All Out For One Of Your Birthday Parties

For at least one of your birthdays in your 20s, you need an absolutely epic party. I'm talking the type of bash where you rent out your favorite rooftop bar. Celebrating your birthday should take priority every year, but one year, you need to be borderline royalty.

Do A Group Halloween Costume

An awesome group Halloween costume will take some creative thinking, but it is so worth it in the end. Who knows, your awesome idea could go viral. Start planning early.

Rent A Beach House With Your Big Friend Group

You and your friends already make a splash wherever you go, so why not rent a beach house? A weekend in paradise with your favorite people sounds like a solid win to me. Coordinate, seas the day, and make this happen, ASAP.

Put Your Passport To Good Use

You have a passport for a reason, so get out there and explore. If you don't have one, you need to get on that. It might look like a simple little booklet, but that baby gets you worldwide access to places you've always dreamed of seeing.

Check Something Off Your Bucket List

Is it me, or is there just something about drafting and swooning over a bucket list in your 20s? You did the easy part, which is dreaming. Now, it's time to take any part of that bucket list vision board and bring it to life. That's something you could never forget, even if you tried.

Go On A Yoga Retreat

Get your zen on. A yoga retreat will rejuvenate you, and ease all of the stresses that come with adulting in your 20s. There's nothing wrong with regrouping to find your best self.

Follow Your Dreams, Even If You Fail

There are so many memories you can make happen when it comes to your dreams. Maybe it's the moment you landed a job that has to do with something you've always been passionate about. Whatever it is, take a chance on your dreams, and don't stop if you fail.

Your roaring 20s should be the ride of your life. And like any exciting roller coaster, you should remember it from start to finish.