10 Memes About Going To Work On A Snow Day That Every Millennial Can Relate To

Let me set the scene: You wake up, look outside your window, and see that there's snow everywhere. You begin to get that exciting feeling that today will either be a snow day or cozy work from home day. You open up your email to check for a message from your boss telling you to stay home, but instead, you see something that says, "Be safe as you come in today." After bundling up in a thousand layers, wiping the snow off of your car, cranking up the heat, and getting into the office, all you want to do is mope around. Luckily, there are some memes about snow and work that every millennial can relate to. They'll have you laughing through the pain of being in the office.

Snow days make winter so much better. Even with the slightest snowfall on the ground, you're wanting to call in sick and spend the day wrapped up in warm blankets, watching Netflix, and drinking hot cocoa all day long. But, you know that work comes first, so if your boss says to come in, you have to come in. Thankfully, memes exist to make us all feel better. The way they can capture exactly how you're feeling in one dreaded moment can turn that horrible workday into at least something to joke about with your coworkers.

So, if you're sadly in the office while the snow is falling outside, send these 10 memes to your fellow friends working to make everyone's day snow much better.

You Should Seriously Win An Award For Showing Up
districtsparkle on Twitter

Even though you had to deal with snow up to your ankles and gusts of wind in every direction, you still managed to make it to work in style. That is some superhero level stuff right there, and you deserve all the trophies. Let's be honest: You should win Employee of the Month for not only this month, but every month for the rest of your life.

When Your Boss Clearly Isn't Seeing What You're Seeing
rongamblepr on Twitter

When you don't receive an email from your boss telling you to stay home, you wonder if they're seeing what you're seeing. You want to reply with a picture of the blizzard outside, but you know it wouldn't change their mind.

When You Realize Work Is The Only Thing Not Cancelled
jccarden on Twitter

When you're watching the news on a snow day, and see that every single school is off and yet, you still have to go in — it doesn't seem quite fair. Also, the weatherman is basically telling you it's a good idea to stay inside and lounge all day, and yet, you have to go out.

When The Struggle Is Real Trying To Do Anything
drewbrownnews on Twitter

Let's be real: Waking up to go to work any morning is difficult AF, but add eight inches of snow into the mix, and you feel overwhelmed. Not only do you have to leave super early just to make it to work on time, but you also have to deal with shoveling the snow, getting it off your car, and waiting for your ice-cold car to heat up.

When Your Journey Into Work Feels Like A Real Expedition
lady_applehorne on Twitter

When you do head into work, it feels like you're the star of an epic nature documentary or journey movie like The Lord of the Rings. Honestly, someone should give you an Oscar, because you deserve it for making the trek into work.

When You've Never Related To Jon Snow More
andyjoeylyons on Twitter

Jon Snow's face says it all in this meme. You are so sad to be going into work. It's just not fair when everyone else has the day off, but you don't. It seems like there's snow way to turn this frown upside down, except with a relatable meme.

When You Don't Want To Hear About Everyone's Commute
phdinweed on Twitter

When you have to go in on a snow day, you just might be the grumpiest you've ever been. No amount of coffee and espresso shots can fix that. It also seems like everyone is getting on your nerves, and you can't even try to pretend to be interested in hearing about your coworker's commute.

When Your Snow Day Mood Is Sad AF
tonyrushingny on Twitter

The range of emotions you have the morning of a snow day is vast. At first, you're the happiest you've ever been, thinking about all the episodes of The Office you can watch. Then, you're told you still have to go into work, and are filled with so much sadness. The mood of today will be unfair.

When You Live Too Close To Work
elzmo3008 on Twitter

Most days, living super close to work is a true blessing. You can just roll out of bed 15 minutes before, and get into the office right on time. However, it quickly becomes a curse when it's a snow day. You are so close that you have absolutely no excuse.

When You're Legit The Only One Who Rolls Up To Work
kiss925 on Twitter

Even though you regretted every minute and wished you could be the rebellious coworker you want to be, you still trekked all morning to get into the office. Unfortunately, no one else came into work. That's when you sit at your desk, wishing you were curled up on your couch watching Netflix.